BusPas Inc.

Montréal,  QC 
  • Booth: 1863

BusPas offers building block technology for mobility

Introducing BusPas: The Bus Stop Reimagined !

Who We Are: We're a Canadian startup, BusPas, redefining transit bus stop signage. Our AI and cloud solutions power Smart Cities and Smart Transit. We gather data for AI features, boost safety, and transform transit.

Meeting Transit Needs: Expect real-time info, smart lighting, emergency buttons, micro/shared transit possibilities, and AI-driven safety. We introduce new revenue streams. Accessibility is key with audible alerts and visual passenger indicators.

Going Beyond: BusPas isn't just transit; it's a data hub. We collect IoT data, offer apps, and innovate with features for Smart Cities and Transit Optimisation.

More Benefits: Boost ridership, save with solar power, improve planning, and find revenue opportunities.

Join the transit revolution!

Meet us on booth 1863.

Brands: BusPas is shaping the future of mobility through a smart infrastructure at the bus stop.