Washington,  DC 
United States
  • Booth: 2731

CAF is a standard-bearer in the rail industry, providing all types of railcars including high speed trains, metros, coaches, long distance trains, LRVs & streetcars in over 30 countries.

CAF is committed to R&D and has developed several platforms: Oaris high-speed trains, Civity low-floor modular regional and commuter trains, Inneo metros and Urbos 100% low-floor LRVs and streetcars.

CAF USA, Inc., its US subsidiary, has delivered LRVs, metros and streetcars to cities across the US including Washington DC, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Houston, Cincinnati & Kansas City, and is currently manufacturing coaches for Amtrak, and LRVs for MBTA in Boston & the MTA in Maryland.

CAF provides comprehensive rail solutions – financing, engineering, sub-systems & after-sales support, with system integration and management throughout all stages of the project including design, manufacturing, operation & maintenance.

CAF USA’s production facility is in Elmira, NY. Its corporate office is in Washington, DC.