UITP-International Association of Public Transport

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UITP - Advancing Public Transport in America and Worldwide

UITP (International Association of Public Transport) is a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility. We are the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes. We have more than 1,900 members around the world, including over 100 North America members from Canada, USA, Bermuda and Jamaica, among others. Our members are public transport authorities and operators, policy decision makers, research institutes and the public transport supply and service industry (www.uitp.org). Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, UITP has 13 regional offices around the world. Our New York City office opened in 2015, aiming to increase the exchange of best practice and connect our North American members to other UITP members worldwide. Together with the help of our President Renée Amilcar, General Manager of OC TRANSPO in Ottawa, Canada, we are committed to championing public transit and sustainable mobility solutions in the region.