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TSF SALHI (RAILWAY SAFETY TECHNOLOGY) is an independent company whose main missions are safety services on public or private railway infrastructures. As well as the organization and management of worksite safety on lines in operation or under maintenance, assistance and consultancy for private individuals and companies under private law, public authorities or associations, relating to the safety rail infrastructure safety. TSF Salhi has the solution and the guarantee to implement a technical solution for the benefit of both internal and external users, with 100% reliable results. Through the development of its network and the introduction of professionalism in rail safety and professionalism in the field of global rail safety; our company understands and promotes the economic health of its customers. We are deploying strategies to reduce crossing and trespasser incidents. Our company is attentive on innovative technology to enhance public safety around railroads. We formulate recommendations for safety infrastructure projects and collaborate with engineering, grant administration and public affairs teams to bring them to fruition.