Signal Scout

Raleigh,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 1717

Come on over to learn to simplify Signal Troubleshooting!

Signal Scout is Signal Troubleshooting & Training Software that shows a visualization of application logic by combining log data/live status information with the program logic to create an interactive display. You can click on a bit until you find the direct input.

This allows your team to get trouble calls taken care of sooner, spend less time reviewing logs, stay within your cutover time window and be able to train new employees faster. Signal Scout works on various different signal controllers and can access those remotely.

LogView is to troubleshoot PAST events and locate the root cause of issues. Select a specific time window in the past and it will show you what bits have just changed, and when they will change again.

LiveView shows the current status of all equations, inputs, and outputs. You can see in real time what is happening.

TrainingMode simplifies learning about application logic by stepping though the event second by second or running timers, which will clarify what happened and create a custom training for new employees. 


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