High Point,  NC 
United States
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Transit Challenge: Transit agencies must ensure passenger safety, comfort, and satisfaction in a 24/7 environment. Adequate lighting at stations, stops, and platforms is vital for security and passenger experience. Modern transit demands solutions beyond lighting to meet evolving needs.

Comprehensive Transit Solution: SELS Solar transforms outdoor lighting into a cornerstone of security, safety, service enhancement, and smart transit solutions for agencies.

Illuminating the Commute: Our solar-powered LED lights ensure consistent illumination at transit locations, deterring security threats, enhancing safety, and improving the passenger experience.

Continuous Reliability: SELS Solar's products guarantee unwavering reliability, illuminating key areas even during outages. Passengers can rely on well-lit spaces, regardless of external conditions.

Enhancing Passenger Service: Solar lighting improves safety, efficiency, and wayfinding, reducing accidents, and creating a more welcoming environment for passengers.