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Our Miovision Opticom™ Traffic Solutions is configurable and scalable. Reliable transit systems connect communities, foster growth and help create greener, smarter cities. Every investment in mobility is an investment in livability for your city.

Miovision Opticom™ Transit Signal Priority (TSP) can reduce schedule delays, cut operating costs and increase ridership for your transit system. As agencies transition toward zero-emission fleet vehicles, TSP can help maintain more consistent speeds, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary stops, improving battery efficiency, and lowering fuel costs.

Whatever you envision for your city’s transit future, Miovision Opticom TSP can help you get there. Embrace the power of smart mobility and revolutionize your city's transit system with Opticom Traffic Solutions, now fortified by the synergy of Miovision. To learn more about our acquisition and how it can benefit your community, visit: https://miovision.com/blog/adding-priority-control-welcome-gtt