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Eliminate the Threat of Blind Spots with Mobileye Shield+™ 4

The Mobileye Shield+™  4 Collision Avoidance System is designed specifically to compensate for the large blind spots in the front and on the sides of buses.  Using vision sensors, the System detects pedestrians and cyclists hidden in these blind spots and alerts the driver.  The System delivers two different levels of alerts based on the degree of risk.  The first level alerts the driver that there is a pedestrian or cyclist in one of the blind spots, but the risk of collision is low; the driver should proceed with caution.  The second level alerts the driver when there is a danger of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist in one of the blind spots; the driver should take immediate action to avoid a collision. 

In addition to pedestrian and cyclist detection, the System analyzes the risk of collisions with vehicles in front, unintended lane departures, and following times.  When a threat is detected, the System warns the driver with visual and audible alerts providing time to possibly avoid, or at least mitigate, a collision. Transit authorities throughout North America have installed the System on their bus fleets to improve safety for their drivers and their citizens.