Masperotech srl

  • Booth: 3588

Leader in forging technology: aluminum and copper for rail.

Leader in forging technology. For more than 100 years we have been working with metallurgy involving non-ferrous metals.
These origins and roots of ours, combined with our will to improve and explore ever new frontiers, have led to us to acquire a significant amount of experience and extensive know-how in the hot forging of Aluminium, Copper, and Titanium alloys.

From the ancient artisanal tradition of the Maspero family we have inherited a taste for “doing things well”: in fact, the introduction of the most advanced technologies has made it possible to apply these values on an industrial scale.

MasperoTech is the leading Company in Europe when it comes to hot forging of non-ferrous alloys, being able to provide Clients with a finished product ready for assembly, while handling surface finishes (painting, silvering, anodizing, etc.), heat treatments and assembly, either in-house or through our extensive network of subcontractors.

Brands: Masperotech is a supplier for the main rail constructors and deliver parts all over the world.