Nanov Display Inc.  

Brooklyn,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1741

NANOV DISPLAY INC. | Systems Integrator & Hardware Supplier

NANOV DISPLAY INC. is a systems integrator and hardware supplier specializing in outdoor digital signage. Our company produces robust, digital LCD monitors for the outdoors, withstanding a myriad of environmental challenges.

NANOV’s IP65 sealed marine monitors have endured testing for salt-water erosion in the oceans of Miami, Florida. In Toronto, Ontario, our weatherproof digital signage monitors have overcome difficulties brought on by severe cold and extreme weather conditions. We've tested our cross-track digital displays in train stations in Edmonton, Alberta, where they have proven to be dustproof and impervious to frequent train vibrations. Furthermore, NANOV's outdoor monitors have excelled in hotter, sunnier climates like Maui, Hawaii, where they can withstand harsh, direct sunlight.

We focus on efficient design with hardware convergence –– embedding features like LTE Modems, Computers, Analytic Cameras, and Heaters into our monitors. NANOV DISPLAY INC. is able to provide holistic LCD solutions with a variety of design and material options.