Igralub North-America LLC

Kennesaw,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 1382

Total Solution Provider for High-Tech Wheel/Rail Lubrication

IGRALUB advises and supports projects that reduce the wear of wheels, rails, and wheel flanges. We offer project management, supply lubrication systems and lubricants for the entire area of application. With one partner for planning, execution, installation and service you will have compatible systems and products, plus lubricants that are efficient, effective and certified environmentally friendly.

Our application systems and wheel/rail lubricants & greases are designed specifically for:

  • Wheel flange
  • Rail side
  • Top-of-rail
  • Rail points
  • Fleet-Management for Wheel/Rail Lubrication and Noise Management

Potential savings:

  • Train wheels’ lifetime can be doubled.
  • Rail grinding reduced by 50% or more
  • Risk of derailing can be dramatically reduced.
  • Energy costs can be reduced by up to 15%
  • Reduction in noise pollution (sound barriers, wheel-noise damping pads etc. might not be needed anymore.)

The targeted use of high-quality lubricants in small doses produces reliable, economical and environmentally friendly results. Our product variety allows us to provide you with the most efficient solution for each application.