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Humatics Focus™ - Real-Time Track Condition Monitoring

Enable predictive maintenance with Humatics.

Humatics FocusTM is a track and train condition monitoring solution that leverages the onboard sensors of revenue service trains and provides maintenance insights. The sensor data is continuously collected as vehicles run in service without any need to interface with other onboard systems. Track conditions are assessed via proprietary machine-learning algorithms and displayed on user-friendly dashboards that show precise geotagging of track anomalies.    

Humatics FocusTM supplements mandatory track inspections performed by specialized track geometry vehicles. The continuous track condition monitoring covers any applications on rail both transit and freight - transforming any suitable rolling stock unit into a data collection instrument.    

Brands: Humatics Digital Train Positioning™ and Humatics Focus™ - solutions for train positioning and localization as well as track and vehicle condition monitoring.