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Energy storage technologies are becoming more important as the world looks for ways to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the performance and reliability of power in a variety of applications. Typically, different types of battery technologies are selected as the energy storage solution due to their high energy density.  However, batteries have many shortcomings that can create problems for systems and system operators - short life, maintenace problems, narrow operating temperature range, etc.. Ultracapacitors do not store nearly as much energy as a battery, but they have a very long life, high power capability, fast charge/discharge capability, high reliability, are maintenance free, are safe, non-toxic, and can operate to -50°C.  Lithium-Ion capacitors share most of the same advantages as the ultracapacitor, but store 2-3x more energy. In some cases the ultracapacitors can directly replace the batteries, in others they can be used together with batteries, or other energy sources, to enable improved system performance, reduced primary energy source and extend life. Replace your batteries with LICAP ultracapacitors or lithium-ion capacitors!

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