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Flowbird - the global leader in fare payment solutions

For the last 45 years, Flowbird has been in the business of supplying transit and mobility systems around the globe.  Our core expertise is in the areas of payment solutions – ticket vending machines, fare collection devices, mobile payments, and fare validation.  As cities become more congested and systems become more complex, Flowbird's focus is to utilize our expertise to make travel easier within communities.

Flowbird has revolutionized off-board fare collection by offering transit agencies a proven, all-weather, low-cost ticket vending machine called the Strada TVM. Your customers will appreciate its small footprint, friendly user interface, and overall reliability.

Off-board fare collection offers your patrons and employees three key benefits. A quicker ride from Point A to Point B, the convenience of being able to pay at their own pace with many different payment options, and the security of not having to handle cash transactions on-board.

Open Payments are the key to a seamless digital journey. Coupled with mobile journey planning and ticketing, our systems revolutionize how passengers purchase and fulfill tickets to simplify their journeys.