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ENRX: Your Gateway to Wireless Dynamic & Static Charging

At the forefront of wireless charging technology, ENRX is revolutionizing the future of inductive power transfer. Setting the path in high-power inductive charging systems exceeding 200 kW, our advanced technology seamlessly charges electric vehicles, either stationary or in motion (Electric Roadway). This pioneering system extends electric vehicle range, eliminates frequent charging station stops, and reduces reliance on large battery capacities, leading to lighter, cost-effective battery packs. This remarkable innovation brings significant economy benefits and fosters environmental sustainability by driving a green economy.

Rooted in over 70 years of rich history in environmentally friendly induction technology, ENRX is a world-leading green tech company. Our wireless charging solutions already power numerous heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. As part of Arendals Fossekompani (AFK), an investment firm committed to green transition, and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, we're poised to escalate our wireless innovation further.

Wireless Charging: Buses & Trucks

Dynamic Electric Roadway


Brands: ENRX, backed by AFK, listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, leads in green tech worldwide. 70+ years of expertise in wireless charging, inductive power and heating solutions, revolutionizing green transit.