Chamberlin Rubber Company

Rochester,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 4026

Ask us about your FST rubber material needs!

Chamberlin Rubber Company, Inc. is a supplier of custom die-cut gaskets, pads, strips, and sub-assemblies as well as extruded and molded parts.  We specialize in providing parts made from FST materials [Flame, Smoke & Toxicity Tested Rubber Materials] - our materials are tested to the most stringent industry standards.  


ASTM E 662

ASTM C 542 (ASTM C 1166 procedure)

ASTM E 1354

BSS 7239

ASTM D 3675

BS 6853

NF F 16-101

NFPA 130

SMP 800 C

We supply window extrusions, door seals, rubber cleats, strips, bumpers, roof panels seals, HVAC seals, batter door gaskets, FST ducting and various other materials for ceiling and wall insulations, flooring, sub-flooring and anti-vibration.