Lucerix International Corp

Oakville,  ON 
  • Booth: 3680

Mirrors On The Move by Lucerix International Corp. Welcome

Lucerix Int'l Corp. manufactures vehicle mirror systems for the public transit , trucking, and specialty markets.  A leader in innovation and design, tier one supplier for 35 plus years.  NEW products include the pedestrian awareness display (PAD).  A windshield camera captures a live feed of the forward blind zone and streams it in real time on a display that is fastened to the A Pillar,.. "It's as if you can see through the A Pillar". 

The V Mirror is the latest in electronic mirrors.  Weather proof cameras are mounted on the side of the vehicle that virtually can replace the conventional exterior mirror.  The HD images are displayed on a LH and RH monitor that is located inside the cab. Superior night vision.

Side-scan detects objects/pedestrians in the blind zones that are along side of a bus or truck and alerts the operator.  Similar to the technology common in most cars, Side-scan alerts the driver by way of  an amber L.E.D that is located behind the glass of the exterior side mirror.  A multi level warning system that includes an alarm at the highest threat level.  Side-scan Predict

Lucerix International Corporation a Vision Zero Solutions company. 

Brands: PAD (Pedestrian Awareness Display, Boomerang, V Mirror, Side-scan,