Trackit LLC

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Cloud-based software to run transit and work together

Trackit LLC creates a culture of safety through the design and implementation of custom processes that will change risky behaviors in the working environment. Agencies around the world have successfully implemented this transit-specific technology and expertise resulting in fewer accidents, increased customer approval, and a less stressful working environment.  

Trackit Manager offers agencies a complete way to go paperless, saving time and money. Trackit has a system whereby an agency can create forms to document training, observations, operator feedback, supervisor reports, accident records, attendance issues, and more using a Tablet.

With all this information uploaded to one central location, agencies can work together more easily, and act on the information faster to become safer. There is less paper shuffling and more automation freeing up resources for other jobs.

Trackit Manager will improve the quality and consistency of operator evaluations and training while acting as powerful risk management helping agencies become smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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