Sojitz Corporation

Chiyoda-Ku,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: 2407

Welcome to joint booth: Toshiba, Sojitz and CBMM

Major requirements for rechargeable battery are greater energy density and faster charging. Niobium titanium oxide (NTO) has twice the theoretical volume density of the graphite-based anode generally used in lithium-ion batteries. Toshiba, Sojitz and CBMM have  entered into extended agreement for the collaboration for commercialization of next-generation lithium-ion batteries using NTO as the anode material.

Niobium (Nb) is an important additive in the production of high-grade steel alloys, including high-tensile and stainless steel, and its ability to enhance strength while reducing weight has made it indispensable for automotive applications. Brazil-based CBMM is the world’s leading producer of niobium and is well-known for its strong technology and product development programs. As CBMM’s shareholder and distribution agent in the Japanese market, Sojitz has cultivated the knowledge and capabilities needed to establish a stable supply system and assist in the development of different applications for niobium.

Toshiba, CBMM and Sojitz will target to gain market share in the secondary battery market by utilizing CBMM and Sojitz's global network.

Brands: Toshiba Corporation, Sojitz Corporation, CBMM