• Booth: 2225

IGW is pleased to welcome everyone to APTA 2021.

IGW drives solutions within the rail and industrial market. We are a brand of the BMT Group, an industrial, family-owned holding company, with various global market leaders among its subsidiary companies (e.g. BMT Aerospace, VCST & OMCO). The shared know-how within the BMT Group and our commitment to innovation makes us a powerful force in the gear system market.

The rail market requires a highly specialized approach. Millions of people and companies depend on trains, trams and metros every single day. Reliability is crucial. IGW provides customized, robust and efficient gear systems for this unique market for more than 25 years. So far, we have delivered over 100,000 gearboxes and couplings for the most prestigious rail projects all over the world. We offer a complete service, from an extensive requirement analysis to premium production and future overhaul services with immediate response, thanks to our international presence and expert technicians locally. From heavy duty locomotives to light rail applications, from low speed city metros to very high speed trains, IGW is your engineering partner for any drive solution.

Brands: IGW Rail, IGW Industry, OMCO, VCST, BMT Aerospace