FirstResponder Technologies

San Diego,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3581

Welcome to FirstResponder Technologies Booth 3581

FirstResponder® Technologies is a San Diego-based company founded to produce sterilization products that protect the health and safety of every individual, home, and community. Our solutions provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective methods for sterilizing buses, trains, subways, Ambulances, Vehicles, and dozens of other disinfection needs. Applications Mass Transit, EMS services, Police, Fire, shuttle, and many others. The patented technology behind the FirstResponder® ozone and UV light sterilization products eliminates up to 99.99% of hundreds of common pathogens, including influenza, the common cold, strep throat, and coronaviruses, including Covid-19. We are proud to offer these solutions, and many more, to help keep Mass Transit environments safer and disinfected. 

During times of uncertainty, staying healthy is what matters the most. With the push of a button, our cutting-edge solutions will take on the invisible enemy, leaving your environment germ-free.

Brands: FirstResponder SteriZAP SentryTherm CoolClave Metro Sterilizer