Enrouteq AB

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Welcome to enrouteQ - transit simplified

enrouteQ is a Swedish company transforming public transport into a data-driven Transit-as-a-Service. With a cloud-native platform and off-the-shelf Android devices, we drive the industry away from high upfront investments and effectively promote integrated mobility from the get-go. Our services empower transport companies with real-time data on their operations, allowing them to monitor and optimize their buses, as well as provide riders with the most accurate ETA information and live location of buses.

With our Route Design Services, we create detailed digital maps of the public transport network, showing terminals, routes and stops. Routes can easily be edited for accurate route planning and service optimization. Our real-time services allow vehicles to become visible to bus operators, agencies and riders. Fixed routes are assigned, and the ETA at bus stops and destination is calculated with our AI algorithms. Data can be exported in GTFS Static and Realtime feeds, and riders can easily track buses and search for nearby stops and routes in our passenger app.