“In Conjunction With (ICW)” events are functions that include APTA attendees but are not planned by or sponsored by APTA.  To make the most of the conference experience, we have developed the following process for any meetings you may schedule with attendees in conjunction with the conference.

Events include but are not limited to the following:

  • Social Events
  • Hospitality Events*
  • Staff Meetings

Functions involving attendees may not be held during any time that conflicts with official conference programming, exhibits or events.

To request space for your event, please complete the ICW Space Request Form and return to Anitha Atkins via email at by October 8, 2021. Please be sure to review the In Conjunction With (ICW) Events Policy and Guidelines prior to making your request. 


*Hospitality Suites are located in hotel sleeping rooms and not in contracted meeting space and are rented by entities to meet and entertain clients and potential customers. Hospitality Suites are available through Expovision, APTA’s official housing provider. To book a Hospitality Suite, please contact or Toll Free: (866) 507-1248