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A New Era of Mass Transit Communication & Security Systems!

Transitvue Communication Systems is a manufacturer of integrated communication and security systems for the transportation industry. We provide turnkey solutions including complete system design and development, installation, acceptance testing, maintenance and user training. TransitVUE® range of technologically advanced solutions consists of TransitVUE® On-Board and Wayside Passenger Information Systems; TransitVUE® Intrusion Detection & Pedestrian Alert Systems;  TransitVUE®  Security Systems, Video Walls and Oprator Consoles. Every TransitVUE® system is designed and customized based on customer needs and requirements. Our company, along with certified integration partners, will work with you to design, engineer, install and maintain every system. We pride ourselves in providing you with a system that meets your current needs, but provides you with expandability for future growth by utilizing a combination of custom design and "off-the-shelf" products.


  • TransitVUE® 42” 3mm Full Color LED Message Board
    TV-ADMS160 Full Color 3MM LED Message Board...

  • The TransitVUE® TV-ADMS160 is a ruggedized 42” 3mm full-color, full-motion indoor and outdoor mass transit message board. It’s specifically designed for passenger information, mass notification and other mass transit digital signage applications requiring high performance in indoor, outdoor direct sunlight, and extreme operating temperature environments. It’s available in single and double sided versions and can be used as a concourse, mezzanine or center platform sign. It can also be placed at a station entrance/exit, above TVM machines and even replace a static image map case. Displays can be integrated with our PA option, using our Transitvue® Professional software, allowing agencies to reach their commuters with mass system wide notifications and to provide information to visually impaired passengers

  • AlertMat™ Pedestrian Notification System
    Designed to alert pedestrians of approaching trains or unauthorized
    intrusions into restricted areas like tunnels or platform edges.

  • AlertMat™ has uniquely designed LED lights that can be embedded into rigid tactile paving tiles (custom designed and installed to fit your specific protection area), or our durable matting, making it insensitive to UV rays for outdoor. AlertMat™ can also be retrofitted into existing tactile paving tiles. When a train or bus approaches, AlertMat™ isautomatically activated through SCADA or another control system, activating the ultra-bright LEDlights to flash at a speed set by you until the bus or train has exited the right away and it is safe forpedestrians or vehicles to cross. Best of all, the AlertMat™ is a physical layer pedestrian alert system, meaning it is completely immune from the weather, noise, vehicle vibrations, and large crowds.A typical AlertMat™ zones range 15 meters (50’) to 183 meters (600’), with LED light segments every 5’ for easy replacement if necessary. AlertMat™ can be easily installed at pedestrian crossing, station platform edge or bus stop for maximum distracted pedestrian alerting. The controller can be eitherwall mounted or rack mounted. Typical rack mount size is 2U for easy installation, taking up as little space as possible.
  • AIM Advanced Intrusion Detection Sensing System
    TransitVUE® AIM™ is a specially constructed, heavy-duty four-wire pressure sensing mat designed to alert a train operator if a pedestrian or vehicle is on the tracks....

  • AIM is a specially constructed, heavy-duty four-wire pressure sensing mat with conductive plates, designed to be used in both underground and outdoor rail stations, tunnels and grade crossings to protect against unauthorized intrusions or to alert a train operator if a vehicle is stopped on the track. AIM is a simple, normally open,normally closed contact switch embedded in a ruggedized self-extinguishing presence sensing mat. When the specified minimum impact weight(adjusted to the customers’requirements) is applied to the mat, the contact closes. This sends a signal to the mat and/or network controller which, in turn,sends an intrusion alert notification to a specified location. Each mat presents four wires tothe controller. This provides theredundancy required to monitor
    the wiring for open circuits due to physical damage to the wires while continuingto monitor pressure changes caused by movements of individuals and vehicles.
    Mats are custom made to fit your specific protection area and use a quickdisconnect for easy individual replacement.
    An AIM zone can range from as little as 6 feet (1.83 meters) up to 150 feet (45meters). AIM can be easily installed between tracks or a street grade crossing formaximum detection zones.
    Security operators can follow someone’s movements from zone to zone usingintegrated AIM mats with our X4-1800 Network Interface Controller andTransitVUE Professional Notification Software.
    The AIM network controllers and software interface with virtually any new or existing security system for camera control and external passenger notification.The sensing capability is completely immune from the weather, environmental conditions and train vibrations, eliminating false alarms.

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