Santon Switchgear

  • Booth: 6359

Welcome to the booth of Santon switchgear!

Santon switchgear is a leading global industrial switch supplier with over 70 years of experience of designing and manufacturing switchgear, like master controllers and direction switches. With over 10 Million switches installed in heavy industry markets like energy , steel manufacturing, rail and defense Santon in is well known in markets where technical and quality demands are the key topic.


We create value by ensuring a lifetime solution where safety is guaranteed for the operators, but also by reducing maintenance, production and investment costs for the (procurement) management. We don’t work from a catalogue, but we design (and advice) every product according customer requests. This means that we adjust ourselves to customer demands. Please understand that we also supply ‘standard of the shelf’ solutions, but our goal is that our ‘solution’ is value adding to your current supply chain.

Besides supplying new switch gear solutions, we also offer a very interesting maintenance program for master controllers. No mather the original brand, we make sure that your controller will keep your train running for many years with no problems! 

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