Ross & White Co.

Cary,  IL 
United States
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Since 1933, the ROSS AND WHITE COMPANY has been providing vehicle washing and water reclamation equipment to the public and private transit industries. Bus interior cyclone vacuum systems also compliment our line of equipment. Our customers include major transit agencies, shipping companies, railroads, commuter rail, tour bus operators, school districts, universities and trucking companies. Major customers include NORTA, WMATA, SEPTA, CTA, DART, SOUND TRANSIT, SF MUNI, UTA, LIRR, PACE, IPTC, WRTA, VALLEY METRO RPTA, DES MOINES RTA, SMART, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, RIPTA, DENVER RTD, TRANSPO, AMTRAN, COMMUNITY TRANSIT, CHAMPAIGN-URBANA MASS TRANSIT, RALEIGH TRANSIT, INTER-CITY TRANSIT, BNPTS, DASH, RED ROSE TRANSIT, LEXTRAN, MEMPHIS AREA TA, SORTA, AMTRAK, BEN FRANKLIN TRANSIT, TANK, LAFAYETTE PUBLIC TRANS., COACH USA, CCCTA, ATHENS TRANSIT, NFTA, GBTA, PAAC, CATA, CENTRAL MIDLANDS RTA, LUZERNE CTA, MVRTA, MBTA, SPRINGFIELD MTD, SHEBOYGAN TRANSIT, LOWELL RTA, SPRINGS TRANSIT, CHARLOTTE TA.


Ross & White 4X4 Bus Wash Video 60 Seconds
Ross & White 4X4 BUS WASH VIDEO 9-29-11 5 MINUTES


  • 4X4 HPF M Bus Wash System
    The 4X4 bus wash system is a high volume, four brush, wrap around, drive through bus wash system. The largest brushes in the industry, five foot in diameter, allow large mirrors to pass through the system....

  • The 4X4 bus wash system is operating in many of the largest transit systems in the country.  Please see our testimonial list. Transits such as CTA, WMATA, RTD, SF Muni, DART, Valley Metro, and many others consider the 4X4 system the Transit Standard for high volume bus wash.  The durability of the machine is unmatched because of the oversized steel shapes and hot dipped galvanized finish. 15 year warranties  on system structure are standard for this machine.
  • 4X6 LRV Wash System
    The 4X6 LIght Rail Wash System is a drive through wrap around 6 Brush Washing system. Currently systems are installed at RTD, DART, TRI-MET,
    UTA, and Sound Transit....

  • The 4X6 LRV Wash System combines all the elements of wrap around high volume washing with the concept of drive though LRV Brush Washing.  The addition of high pressure spinner wash creates a true Hybrid Wash System for LRV washing.

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