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Rogers Corporation is a global leader in material solutions

Rogers Corporation is a global leader in materials solutions for rail interiors. BISCO® Silicones include a wide range of materials for use as seals, gaskets, seat cushions, anti-vibration, floating floors, sound insulation and thermal insulation while meeting global fire safety standards including 49 CFR238, EN 45545 and BS6853. ARLON® Silicones are designed for use as coil insulation, self-adhering tapes and gangway bellows. BISCO MF1® foam is a premium seating material designed for long term durability, comfort, safety and is offered with a 10 year performance warranty. BISCO HT-800 and L3 are designed to optimize and maintain vibration isolation performance in floating floorings for the life of the train. BISCO cellular foams including BF-2000, BF-1000 and HT-800, come in a wide range of firmness and thickness to meet all interior gasket and sealing needs. These highly durable solutions protect critical systems, reduce maintenance costs, and perform for the life of the car.


  • BISCO® MF1® Silicone
    High performance silicone foam for rail seat cushioning...

    • BISCO MF1 seat cushion foam provides reliable comfort, longevity, and safety. Available in three

      firmness ranges, MF1 foam allows engineers to optimize seat designs, providing exceptional

      passenger comfort all the while reducing weight and size. MF1 foam is a durable seat cushion material

      that utilizes proprietary silicone technology to deliver a product which maintains firmness and

      thickness longer than traditional urethane foams. Additionally, all grades of MF1 foam are formulated

      to meet various global fire safety standards including BS 6853, EN 45545, DIN 5510, NFF 16-101, and

      NFPA 130.

  • BISCO® HT-800 Silicone
    BISCO® HT-800 – Medium Cellular Silicone...

  • BISCO® HT-800 is a highly versatile, medium firmness silicone that offers the lightness of a foam, with the enhanced sealing capabilities of a traditional sponge rubber. It is used to seal and protect various outdoor communication, electronics, and lighting enclosures, while providing protection against wind-driven rain and fire. The material is also used to reduce shock or isolate vibration.

  • BISCO® BF-1000 Silicone
    BISCO® BF-1000 – Extra Soft Cellular Silicone...

  • Compressibility, softness, and durability allow BF-1000 to adapt to various environments, making it an ideal choice for sealing outdoor enclosures, protecting electronics from shock and heat, and providing cushioning or vibration isolation for various applications.

  • BISCO® L3 Première Silicone
    BISCO® L3 Première Silicone - Reduced Vibration, Quieter Cabins...

  • BISCO L3 Première silicone foam technology is the next generation in dynamic and floating floor materials from Rogers Corporation developed specifically to meet the most challenging global requirements for flammability, smoke and toxicity.  The L3 Première materials exhibit a low natural frequency and are engineered to isolate vibration, enabling a safe and smooth passenger ride over the lifetime of mass transit vehicles.
  • BISCO® HT-200 Silicone
    BISCO® HT-200 Sound Block Silicone Materials...

  • BISCO® HT-200 Sound Block silicone materials are specifically designed to reduce the transmission of sound within interior spaces while inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke. These elastomeric materials use a filler technology to solve acoustic, fire, and smoke issues for a variety of markets. They are supplied in roll form, and to aid in your installation are available with or without adhesives and supported backings.

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