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Access-IS supplies rugged, fast and reliable barcode, passport and RFID/NFC readers for self-service data capture applications. Our latest public transport ticket readers and validators for bus, metro, and rail operators increase usability and passenger throughput regardless of ticket technology and maintain the same quality relied on by the airport/airline industries.

 Press Releases

  • The Kings Ferry, Kent’s leading luxury commuter coach service, has just taken delivery of a Mobile Onboard ticketing solution featuring Access-IS barcode readers. The service guarantees a luxury seat, in air conditioned comfort on the 44 minute journey into London from the Kent countryside whilst still delivering a cost saving to passengers compared to the train.

    The installation sees 50 Access-IS ATR110 barcode readers mounted to the dashboards of The Kings Ferry fleet for intuitive use by passengers as they board. Drivers receive a slick user interface that is quick and simple to use, thanks to Mobile Onboard’s latest smart ETM. The low cost, yet powerful mTicketr has all the key features found in more expensive systems but in a compact package with a highly responsive touchscreen.

    The ATR110 has a small footprint, robust design and great track record; all of which make it the perfect choice for installation onto dashboards of The Kings Ferry fleet, ensuring easy access for passengers without compromising the area around the driver’s seat or obscuring the view through the windscreen.

    Digital validation of mobile tickets on buses, coaches, light and heavy rail, is becoming a more common requirement from transport operators. They recognise the value of the data collected on-board as well as the extra revenue protection it provides. The benefits of the on-board mTicketr solution for The Kings Ferry are clear, but to minimise passenger boarding times, it has to happen in an instant. The ATR110's accurate, sub-second scanning combined with mTicketr smart ETM makes that instant on-bus validation possible. This process is notably quicker and more accurate than visual confirmation by the driver; delivering a smoother and more efficient passenger boarding experience.

    Speaking about the Access-IS products, Corbin Adler, Director at Mobile Onboard said, “Our familiarity with Access-IS readers, plus their consistent high-performance scanning during our product development, gave us confidence that the ATR110 was the perfect unit to partner with our new mTicketr smart ETMs. As we progress with our ongoing mTicketr ETM development, we are looking forward to exploiting the ATR110's capabilities even further”.
  • Flytoget, the Oslo airport express train operator has just installed Access-IS barcode readers as part of its digital transformation program which aims to deliver an enhanced customer experience. The Access-IS LSR116 OEM 2D barcode reader has been integrated by Xerox into fare gates at stations along the airport express route. This line moves passengers from Oslo Airport to the centre of Oslo in 19 minutes and then on a further 50 kilometres to Drammen.

    The installation of the LSR116 forms part of a major upgrade to the ticketing environment which is designed to support Flytoget’s mobile ticketing initiative. Its aim is to provide a seamless multi-modal travel environment with rail being the preferred mode of transport to and from the airport. The initiative has already achieved an adoption rate of over 15% in the 10 months since it was launched and is growing day by day as new features are added to the mobile iOS and Android apps.

    Mobile ticketing delivers real benefits to passengers on many levels. From the Flytoget app passengers can see all departures in real time, allowing them to see when the next train is due and to plan their journey. Tickets can be purchased from the app and received directly to the passenger’s phone, avoiding the need to spend unnecessary time buying them on the platform. Not only does this deliver a seamless passenger experience, it also removes the need to print paper tickets allowing for significant environmental and cost savings.

    Of critical importance to all railway stations is the ability to process passengers efficiently and reliably. The LSR116 is able to read tickets, with almost zero latency and in any orientation, from smartphones, watches, tablets and paper. This ability simplifies the ticket reading process regardless of the device passengers are using, and by doing so, passenger throughput is optimised and queues are minimised.

    Designed for easy OEM installation; the compact, sealed and water resistant LSR116 has a simple plug-in design, using just a single bracket, enabling it to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into the Xerox fare gates.

    The LSR116 is installed in thousands of locations around the globe, including railway stations, airports, car parks and stadia and is part of a family of trusted products that includes the LSR118. This adds NFC functionality to the mix, further extending the device's capabilities to include contactless ticketing.

  • Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) is now live with a new mobile ticketing solution featuring Access-IS’ 1D/2D barcode readers at stations across Wales. Responding to the ever growing trend towards mobile and print at home ticketing, ATW commissioned Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) to provide a solution that allow customers with mobile tickets to access the rail network.

    CTS, a leading integrator of payment and information solutions, turned to specialist hardware manufacturer Access-IS to provide the barcode reading functionality. The solution utilised tried-and-tested barcode readers installed by CTS in gates for many previous projects. Access-IS devices are designed to read 1D/2D barcode images from smartphones, tablets or paper. The reader’s omnidirectional 2D barcode engine with optimised imaging ensures that tickets are always read at the first attempt. The unit also delivers high-speed performance; capturing and decoding barcodes almost instantly regardless of the orientation in which the ticket is presented.

    Talking about mobile ticketing on the UK rail network, the former minister responsible for rail, Claire Perry, said, “With more passengers using the railways than ever before, new ticketing technologies have a vital role to play in building a 21st century railway and allow customers to benefit from improved flexibility and seamless travel.”

    Reading all popular linear and 2D barcode symbologies, the use of Access-IS readers across the network is helping the transition away from magnetic ticket technologies that have been the mainstay of the UK rail network for over three decades.

    The Access-IS device features a simple plug-in design, using a single mounting bracket which enables the device to be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into indoor and outdoor fare gates. Its small footprint and robust design make it a perfect choice for years of frontline public use.

    Holt Lau, public transport specialist at Access-IS, commented, “With thousands of Access-IS barcode readers in use in high throughput, front-line applications around the world, our customers know that they can rely on our products to deliver first time, every time.”


  • VAL100 on-board ticket validator
    The VAL100 On-board Validator is designed for use in a variety of public transportation automatic fare collection systems....

  • The VAL100 combines a proven multimedia ticket reader with an open architecture Linux computer to create a mobile ticket validation solution when combined with third party software.

    The validator combines barcode and NFC/RFID reading functionality to provide a single point of presentation for tickets and travel passes – whether presented on a paper ticket, smartcard or mobile phone.

    The VAL100 can be connected via RS232 or Ethernet or optionally may be used wirelessly through a mobile network.

    The VAL100 features a bright, clear, 480 x 272 high resolution display with software adjustable illumination. There is also an ambient light sensor allowing for automated brightness adjustment.

    There are 4 coloured (RGB) LEDs and a programmable speaker to confirm ticket reads.

  • ATR110 2D Barcode Reader with Optional NFC Contact
    The ATR110 is a compact and fast barcode reader with optional NFC contactless capabilities. This ‘one-box’ solution helps process a wide range of electronic ticketing across a variety of media....

  • The device is designed to read all popular linear, PDF417 and 2D barcode symbologies, including QR and Aztec codes, from smartphones, tablets and printed paper documents. The ATR110’s advanced recognition barcode imager is omnidirectional and has near-zero latency. It captures barcodes within a fraction of a second of presentation in any orientation.

    As an option, the device will also support mobile ticketing and mobile wallet payment systems for NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets, as well as reading smartcards, credit cards and debit cards.

    This responsive, intuitive-to-use device is designed to be operated by untrained members of the public. Additional user-friendly features include bright LED visual indicators and a programmable audio buzzer to confirm successful data capture.

    With no moving parts, the ATR110’s vibration and shock resistant construction enables the reader to withstand years of frontline, public use in stations, airports or stadia.

  • LSR116 barcode reader
    Scanning device for easy OEM integration into kiosks, access gates, turnstiles and mobile ticketing readers...

  • The LSR116 reads 2D barcodes – including QR, AZTEC and Datamatrix – presented in any orientation from smartphones, tablets and paper in less than one second.
  • LSR118 barcode & contactless NFC/RFID reader
    Scanning device for easy OEM integration into kiosks, access gates, turnstiles and mobile ticketing readers...

  • The LSR118 reads 2D barcodes – including QR, AZTEC and Datamatrix – presented in any orientation from smartphones, tablets and paper in less than one second. It also decodes contactless NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets, smart cards and labels from the same point of presentation as barcodes.

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