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    QUANTUM is the industry’s first fully automatic, rear-facing wheelchair securement station that allows bus passengers the independence to secure themselves without operator assistance in under 25 seconds - all in the push of a button. TheQuantumLeap.com...

  • QUANTUM Makes Passenger Safety Push-Button Easy.

    Wheelchair and scooter users want independent transportation, and bus drivers have a schedule to maintain. Until now, those two objectives often conflicted. However, with the QUANTUM, the industry has the first securement system designed to keep passengers safe and drivers on schedule.

    Using traditional tie-down securements, drivers can take up to several minutes to affix the proper securement straps. In spite of their best efforts to be respectful, the process can be awkward and often invades passengers’ personal space, sometimes even causing unintended discomfort or injury.

    The success of the QUANTUM system stems from the creation of the transportation industry’s first fully-automatic, rear-facing wheelchair securement station. QUANTUM allows passengers to board a bus, quickly position their chairs, and simply push a button to secure themselves in a stable and safe rear-facing position without driver assistance in under 25 seconds.  Once the vehicle reaches the destination and stops, the passenger pushes the button again and independently makes his or her exit.

  • Q'POD
    Q'POD is a fully integrated wheelchair securement station designed and tested for modern scooters and wheelchairs. Its 3-point technology and integrated stabilizing bumper replaces the 4th securement, improving stability and eliminating tip-overs....

  • Q’POD is the only fully integrated wheelchair securement station designed and tested for modern scooters and wheelchairs. It is the most revolutionary and complete ADA securement system in the transit industry. While other transit wheelchair securement stations merely comply with ADA requirements, Q’POD delivers a complete solution featuring unmatched technology.

    Q’POD eliminates the traditional 4th securement point. Its patented 3-point technology is an industry first. Q’POD not only reduces idle-time and is a faster way to secure a wheelchair passenger, but it’s safer. Q’POD’s integrated stabilizing bumper acts as the 4th contact point, greatly improving lateral stability and eliminating wheelchair tip-overs.

    All of Q’POD’s lap, shoulder, and self-tensioning rear belts are fully enclosed in the system and located in easy-to-reach locations. In addition to reducing tripping hazards and the potential for vandalism; they are precisely positioned for the proper securement angles every time.


    INQLINE is a fully tested, heavy-duty winch and restraint system featuring dual automatic retractors that double as front tie-downs; making it the ideal solution for both passenger on-boarding and passenger securement. Qstraint.com/INQLINE...

  • INQLINE is a fully tested, heavy-duty winch and restraint system featuring two world-class Q’STRAINT automatic retractors equipped with industry standard self-tensioning and auto-locking features. The new patented 360 webbing guide leads belt webbing over the top of the unit, keeping belts twist-free and allowing for more passenger leg room.

    Guiding mobility passengers up or down a ramp, even in ideal conditions, can be difficult and dangerous. INQLINE simplifies the process with an ergonomic thumb controller that allows the operator to manually steer the passenger in and out of the vehicle.  

    Controlled steering not only reduces the possibility of tip overs, but also gives the operator full command and confidence to tackle common hurdles like curbside parking, uneven surfaces and shifting weight distribution.

    INQLINE’s wall control panel simplifies safely securing and boarding a passenger with an intuitive 2-button unit. The operator can now easily manage the engaging, releasing and squeezing of the belts as needed; all while attending to the passenger.

    INQLINE reduces liability, improves speed and safety, all while providing a better journey. 

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