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Pretoria provides LED lighting, ducting and overhead racks.

Pretoria Transit Interiors was established in 1994 to provide the mass transit market with innovative lighting, ducting and luggage rack systems.  Pretoria joined SMI in 2007 and this merger allowed for the introduction and growth of items such as Energy Absorbing Bumpers and Step Treads.  Pretoria and SMI are committed to provide customers with products that are designed and built to the highest quality standards.  Visit us in booth #7211 and see why we are trusted for safety.


  • Interior LED Lighting
    Interior LED Lighting for new vehicle construction & LED retrofit systems to replace and upgrade the existing fluorescent lighting system....

  • Pretoria Transit Interiors supplies interior LED lighting systems to the North American transit bus OEM's for installation into their new buses.  Pretoria offers two LED color temperatures: nominal 4500K (warm white) and nominal 6500K (cool white).  The LED arrays are subbinned to insure precise color consistancey and systems are available in 12VDC and 24VDC.  To assist in the reduction of windshield glare, we offer standard dimming where each fixture can extinguish or dim at 10%, 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% with signal input or manual dimming where the bus operator controls the R/S and C/S light output via dash mounted control knobs.

    Easily installed LED retrofit systems for both the Pretoria and Transmatic (Hadley) L-20 fluorescent systems. Eliminate high voltage ballast and improve overall appreance and energy efficencey.


  • Suburban Overhead Parcel Racks
    Suburban overhead parcel racks offer LED aisle lighting, passenger convenience modules, high end aesthetics and are designed and engineered for each bus application.....

  • Pretoria Suburban Racks utilize satin anodized aluminum extrusions combined with light weight aluminum composites to create unequal design options. Our Passenger Convenience Modules contain dual LED reading lights, dual adjustable air vents, speakers, and stop request button. Suburban rack systems are typically defined as having solid bottom, integral LED aisle lighting, serves as ducting and as having an underside surface of customer specified upholstery that matches or compliments the seats.
  • Open Frame Parcel Racks
    Pretoria’s Open Frame Racks utilize lightweight satin anodized aluminum extrusions to provide a solid and easily installed system.
    Systems are available with or without LED reading lights....

  • Open Frame Racks are designed and constructed to prevent parcels from sliding front to back
    during vehicle braking via cross sectional struts that are bolted into their capping extrusions. Their
    bottomless profile creates an open environment and eye pleasing aesthetics.

    The bungee package restraint system make loading or unloading the racks a breeze and the standard
    padded end caps increase safety by protecting standing passengers or their entry and exit from the bus.
    Open Frame Overhead Racks offer improved visibility & security of knowing parcels are not left behind.

  • Overhead Parcel Racks (OPR) & Ducting
    Overhead Parcel Racks custom designed for any OEM, with or without ducting....

  • Designed and manufactured for each individual bus model providing unique and cost effective solutions. Pretoria pioneered the use of lightweight aluminum composite panels in conjunction with satin anodized aluminum extrusions to provide solid and easy to install systems. All of our OPR systems are available with integral ducting that is engineered for use with all types of AC units. Shuttle and School Buses Systems include front hand rail, OPR pans, hanger brackets, hanger covers, false floor and carpet (if applicable) and all hardware except for the fastening to the bus.
  • Rail Overhead Racks and LED Retrofit Systems
    Pretoria can provide custom in-house designed systems or product / design specified systems. We work closely with customers to provide the functionality and aesthetics what they desire at a cost that they can afford.

  • Pretoria interior systems are designed and engineered for each individual rail project providing unique
    and cost effective solutions.  We supply various types of overhead racks, HVAC ducting, interior LED lighting systems,
    reading / strip lights, panels, injection molded and vacuum form plastic components.

    LED retrofit systems are more affordable and energy efficient than ever and Pretoria has been a
    leading supplier of Interior LED Lighting Systems to the Transit Market since 2007.
    Pretoria LED retrofit systems offer:
    - Superior performance to fluorescent systems
    - Increased light output and aesthetics
    - Low power consumption / Eliminates the need for high voltage ballast 
    - Long life with low maintenance
    - Hazardous free fixtures - no mercury

    - 4500k and 6500k Color Temperatures are standard - customs are available upon request

    - Simple “plug and play” installation

    Pretoria LED Retrofits help create safe and inviting interiors. Our systems are engineered to meet Federal Guidelines are “Buy America” compliant and are unsurpassed in quality and longevity.

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