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TextSpeak Audio, Text to Speech, ADA and Mass Notification

High definition, world-language best-in-class Text To Speech High definition speech synthesis for On-Board Announcements, Station Passenger Information,  ADA compliance, emergency Mass Notification and Kiosks/Ticketing.

TextSpeak  Passenger Announcement Systems offer Text to Speech & Smart Audio Amplifiers for vehicles, stations and routing systems. Options include TALKING SIGN technology to read visual text seen on LED signs and speaking the information directly to passengers.

Models include mountable enclosures, OEM modules and full systems, with TTS in over 25 languages. The new TTS-EN-M mobile line includes integrated text to speech , ambient noise sensing, dual 25W amplifiers, USB, Serial & Ethernet, and microphone support.

Interphones, Emergency Notification Announcement Systems, IP paging amplifiers and board level models with Text-To-Speech, including solar powered audio/visual displays will show at our booth. Demontration of Notify!, our real time Emergency Mass Notification will be highlighted.

Contact us in the USA or Europe here:  http://www.textspeak.com/contact.htm


  • TextSpeak Notify! Mass Notification for Transit
    Notify!™ offers administrators, security teams and local first responders a means to broadcast emergency communication to passengers, staff and the general public in seconds, from anywhere.

  • TextSpeak Notify. Mass Notification for Transit Systems

    •     All-in-one package with SMS/text, email, audio paging, voice calls , mobile apps & alert pendants
    •     Deploys with earBridge Cellular, WiFi & Ethernet
    •     Access for transit administrators, fire & police
    •     Issue real-time alerts to speakers for audio paging, displays, email, phones & text messages
    •     Send from command centers, mobile phones, sensors and wearable emergency pendants

    Deliver to staff, workers, security teams, passengers, a station, or an entire transit system.

    Learn more at www.textspeaknotify.com

  • earBridge - Text to Speech for Vehicles and Stops
    Passenger announcement systems and ADA compliance. Add text to speech & smart audio amplifiers to vehicles, stations and routing systems.

  • World Leader in Text to Speech Audio Devices for Transit

        Passenger & Staff Announcements, ADA & Safety Alerts

       - Upgrade Digital Signs to Speak
       - Add Emergency Mass Notification
       - Passenger & Staff Announcements
       - ADA & Safety Alerts

    • Talking sign technology - LED signs to voice announcements.  Add a voice to new and existing visual displays with our TextSpeak upgrades to inform and meet ADA compliance.
    • New TTS-EN-M mobile line for vehicles includes integrated text to speech, ambient noise sensing, dual amplifiers and microphone support.

    Learn more at www.textspeak.com

  • TextSpeak TTS makes Signage Talk!
    Add a voice to Passenger Information!

    Proven and cost effective, the TTS-EM family of products are used worldwide in transit. Models range from low power modules, suitable for solar power & amplified versions for standard LED signage....

  • Upgrade vehicles, shelters, stations and platforms with speech, generated directly from visual signage PID data.

    TextSpeak Embedded Text-To-Speech modules series convert ASCII text to a natural, clear voice with unlimited vocabulary.

    Intelligent interface provides seamless speech from data, Digital Signage, Digital Signs, Marquee and Scrolling LED signs. Convert in-house, deployments of scrolling LED displays, signs and signage directly to voice for Mass notification and passenger information systems with earBridge amplifier systems for mobile and fixed applications.

    Improve display emergency notifications, digital signage override, desktop alerting with text-to-speech voice annunciation over public address systems.

    The small footprint, plug-in solution accepts wide range of input data to generate real-time speech.

    All earBridge amplifiers share a common set of features…

    • 25 Watt Speaker Output from high-definition amplifier
    • Line Output for feeding existing PA systems
    • 9 concurrent TTS languages and 25 voices
    • Highly integrated OS provides superior flexibility and support for remote upgrade and file transfers
    • Seamless switching from TTS to/from user stored pre-recorded audio files using inline control codes
    • User control from remote locations
    • Flexible power options from 9 to 24 volts
    • Ambient noise sensing
    • User definable power regulation 8 and 25 watt
    • Flash based, with upgradable file transfer support and dictionary management

    Languages supported: Arabic Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English (UK) English (US) Finnish French (F) (B) (C) German Greek Japanese Korean Italian Norwegian Polish Turkish Portuguese Russian Spanish (NA) (C) Swedish (Contact us for latest list)

    Learm More Here:  TextSpeak Module Series

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