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Fort Myers,  FL 
United States
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ATS designs & manufactures propulsion systems & accessories

American Traction Systems provides propulsion systems and accessories for rail vehicles including PCC Streetcars (New Orleans, Saint Louis, El Paso), Freight Locomotives and Maintenance of Way equipment. ATS is a private, wholly American owned company specializing in the design and manufacturing of High Power IGBT Motor Control products and accessories for the light rail industry. We provide equipment  that operates reliably in the harshest conditions imaginable. Our auxiliary inverters are in daily operation on the LA Metro Red Line, Baltimore Metro, Miami-Dade Metro and Niagra Frontier Transit. Our successful designs include both on and off road electric vehicles such as Fuel Cell Buses and Automobiles, Streetcars, GenSet Locomotives, Rail MoW equipment, Marine Passenger Vessels, Hybrid Trucks and Buses, Airline Ground Support Vehicles and electric vehicles of all types. ATS designs and manufactures solid state electric vehicle traction controllers for vehicles powered by Batteries, Diesel Generators, Hybrid Systems, Fuel Cells and Power Centers. We have satisified customers in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. 

 Press Releases

  •  American Traction Systems, Inc. has designed propulsion software that has met the stringent EN50128:2011 standards for railway control and protective systems.  Following the strict guidelines of the standard to meet SIL2 Safety Integrity Level, the independent software assessor, Aegis Engineering Systems LTD, deemed the software “fit for its intended application” on the rail grinder MoW project to be used in the United Kingdom by Network Rail.  ATS developed and supplied the propulsion system, controllers, and software installed on the C44 MoW rail grinder built by Loram Maintenance of Way, a leading supplier of track maintenance machinery and services around the world.

    Juan Pinzon, ATS General Manager, and Project Manager and Validator for the project, said, “An enormous amount of time, energy, and resources went into achieving this standard, which has really built our technical confidence to handle this kind of project.  Our dedicated teams of engineers, designers, and technicians have shown their technical skills and attention to detail are more than ready for the global markets and the rigorous safety qualifications required.”

    About ATS: American Traction Systems is an American owned company based in Ft. Myers FL.  Founded in 2008 as an offshoot of its sister company, Saminco International, ATS has spent the last 10 years developing and manufacturing propulsion systems, controls, and accessories for the rail, light rail, hybrid vehicle, and marine industries. ATS has also received certificates from ABS, Lloyds of London, and the U. S. Coast Guard.


  • AC Traction Inverter Module
    Designed as a power converter to operate over a DC bus voltage range of 500V to 1200V. It is used as a component of a power conversion system consisting of several modules sharing a DC bus filter capacitor....

  • (Shown on mounting rack with additional inverter modules, brake chopper module, capacitor banks and a back plane assembly.)

    Specifications for the AC Traction Inverter Module

    AC Input Voltage
    500..1100V DC
    Input Current Continuous
    Output Voltage
    Continuous Output Current
    1200A DC
    Short-time Output Current
    1500A DC
    Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    Coolant Temperature Range
    Control Supply Voltage
    22-28V DC
    Control Supply Current
    1.5A DC
    Minimum Coolant Flow
    3 gal/min (11.25 l/min)
    Maximum Coolant Pressure
    50 psig (3.5 bar)
  • Mini Inverter for Traction Motor Blowers
    The ATS Mini-VFD is designed as a drop in replacement for DC motors operating on main DC bus voltage. It will operate AC induction motors from DC line voltage. Also available as part of a 3HP blower system sold with frame and motor....

    • Input range: 750VDC to 480VAC
    • Operating range: 450VDC to 900VDC
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • In case of power loss, Auto Restart with automatic Motor Speed Search to continue operation
    • Uses electronic motor thermal overload protection
    • IGBT based
  • Streetcar and Trolley Bus DC Traction System
    The ATS A300120 series of motor controllers are high performance IGBT drives designed specifically for the unique needs of Streetcar and Trolley Bus systems....

  • Features
    • Complete, Compact System
    • Solid State Reversing
    • 300A Dynamic Brake Controller
    • 1000V 1250A  DC rated Contactor
    • Forced Air Cooling
    • Modular Design
    • Common and Differential Mode EMI Filter
  • Light Rail Air Compressor VFD
    Air cooled 650V DC / 9kVA / VFD controller of induction motor that operates an air compressor used in air supply unit (ASU) of a light rail vehicle. ASU will supply air to sub-systems such as friction brakes and car doors....

    • Energy efficient V/f soft start of induction motors using PWM technology
    • 37.5 VDC digital output signals control Purge Valve and Air Dryer
    • Programmable Purge Cycle Scheduling using Real Time Clock to regularily dissipate moisture from the compressor and control of dryer signal used to enable an air dryer.
    • Programmable motor and inverter parameters via Handheld Programmer
    • Fault Log with date and time stamp
    • LED Status Indicator
    • Automatic start and lockout features
    • Broadcasting of inverter telemetry via CAN 
  • Low Voltage Power System (LVPS)
    Low voltage power system of 6.5kW used for light rail as a 37.5V DC power supply....

    • Complies with IEC 1287-1: 1995 Figure 4 curve 2.
    • Can provide LVDC output with only HVDC present.
    • Transit Rated Wire
    • Air Cooled

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