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LUTZE has been developing and manufacturing electrical components for rail vehicles for over 20 years. Our extensive product range of standard components carries out many automation tasks in the most diverse vehicle applications. Our developers help you find the optimum solution for your product, including the specification and design right up to the application on the vehicle. Regardless of whether you need components for your control technology, interface components or optical and acoustic signals, LUTZE strives to offer components that are reliable, efficient, compact and cost effective. . As an IRIS 02 certified company, LUTZE TRANSPORTATION bases the development of its hardware and software on strict quality regulations.


  • LION - Safety-related remote I/O system
    LION is a modular I/O system developed for use in safe applications on rail vehicles. The basic principles of LION system are safety, modularity, flexibility & reliability. With LION safe (SIL2) and non-safe (SIL0) modules can be combined....

  • LÜTZE Transportation is consistently pursuing its aim of making safety affordable, and, through the modularity of the LION system, permits a scaling of the safety functions from SIL0 to SIL2.

    With LION, safe (SIL2) and non-safe (SIL0) related modules can be operated together on the same bus. A separate network installation for processing safe signals is thus no longer required.

    Advantages in safety related architectures

    LION avoids costly redundancies
    LION generates high saving potentials through its use of 1-channel architectures.

    LION can work without additional fieldbus networks for safety circuits
    With LION, the available network installation can still be used. It is sufficient to use a suitable, applicative safety software attachment in terms of protocolling. Safe and non-safe I/O stations can thus be operated on the same network. These features have a positive effect on the cost and vehicle weight.

    LION provides clear advantages in comparison to compact safe nodes
    LION permits the scaling of safe I/O channels. The modular architecture allows the direct coupling of safe modules to non-safe modules. It is no longer necessary to install special safe I/O nodes. Safety functions in the train can now be implemented where they are really required. This is possible because LION supports the operation of safe and non-safe I/O modules on the same I/O node.

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