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Lucchini RS Group is leader in the design and production of rolling stock products. The strengths of the Group lie in its integrated production facilities, starting from the steel to assembly of finished products, in the competence of its human resources, in its know-how  and organization, wholly focused on its customers and markets.

Lucchini RS is devoted to the manufacture of high quality products particularly focusing on design, production and assembly of every kind of wheels, tyres, axles and wheelsets for all rolling stock such as high speed intercity, heavy haul and mass transit system.

Lucchini RS meets the international demand through its Company Network, especially for the American market with the newly born Company ‘Lucchini North America’ as part of the internationalization projects of Lucchini RS Group.

Lucchini North America aims to become a reliable partner for the North American customers, primarily transit authorities and train manufacturers: a direct interface to deliver customized products with local-content and advanced services that Lucchini RS offers on the global market. 

 Press Releases

  • (Aug 30, 2017)

    Lucchini North America Inc. is a corporation fully owned by Lucchini RS. The company is targeted to the railway sector and will make available on the American market the Lucchini RS wide range of products.

    Lucchini RS Group is a world leader in the design and production of rolling stock products: wheels, axles and wheelsets with relevant advanced solutions (special steel grades, low noise wheels, anti-ballast coatings, etc.).

    The strengths of the Group lie in its integrated production facilities, starting from the production of steel to the assembly of finished products, in its expertise and  know-how, wholly focused on its customers and markets.

    As part of the internationalization process of Lucchini RS Group, Lucchini North America, Inc. aims to become a reliable partner for the North American customers, primarily transit authorities and train manufacturers: a direct interface to deliver customized products with local-content and advanced services that Lucchini RS offers on the global market.

    Contact for more information.

  • Wheelset of the Future: An Integrated System

    The International Wheelset Congress is among the most influential and attractive worldwide conferences in the railway sector. The Congress, which is held every three years in different Countries in the five Continents, is owned and managed by UNIFE (Union of European Railway Industries) on behalf of ERWA (European Railway Wheels Association).

    The first edition of the Congress was held in Italy in 1963 and, since then, it traveled across the world with successful editions. Following the last remarkable edition in China, the Congress will be back in Europe and Lucchini RS is proud to host it again from the 16th to 20th of June 2019 in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    The location of the conference will be the historically building complex owned by the Giorgio Cini Foundation on San Giorgio Maggiore Island (

    Come back to the our web site for next updates and stay tuned for the call for papers which will be opened soon.

    We wish to catch your interest in attending the XIX International Wheelset Congress and we wait for welcoming you in Venice in 2019.


  • High Speed wheelsets
    Lucchini RS supplies most of the global fleet of high-speed and very high-speed train....

  • The extensive know-how of Lucchini RS in the high speed sector allows the company to offer customized products and solutions.

    Lursak® technology for protection against ballast impact and Syope® panel to reduce acoustic emission are the most adopted solutions used for high-speed wheelsets.

    Wheels and axles made by Lucchini RS equipped CRH 380 train, which achieved the world speed record for commercial service, CRH 500 test train, which reached record speed of 500 km/h, and Frecciarossa 1000, the most advance train in the world.

    Contact: or for detailed technical information.

  • Commuter and Metro wheelsets
    Trains equipped with Lucchini RS wheelsets move people all over the world....

  • Lucchini RS supplies to all the largest global manufacturers of intercity, urban and suburban trains as well as to the fleet operators.

    Lucchini RS provides resilient wheels characterized by the interposition of special rubber blocks between the wheel center and the tyre, able to determine the low stiffness, enabling to reduce the transmission  of the vibration from the wheel-track interaction to the vehicle, improving the comfort of the passengers and reducing the noise emissions.

    The design can be fully customized based on the vehicle layout specification and the resilient wheels are easy- to-assemble and disassemble during maintenance operations.

    Contact: or for detailed technical information.

  • Locomotive and freight wheelsets
    Lucchini RS wheelsets are supplied for the loco and freight fleets all over the world, guaranteeing reliability of services and reducing fleet management costs....

  • Lucchini RS’ rolling mill can manufacture any locomotive wheels, up to a diameter of 1450 mm (57’’ approx.) . Lucchini RS provides products and solutions all over the world for any in-service environmental conditions and offers its special steel grades ensuring performance of excellence on heavy-duty applications as per the locomotives.

    Lucchini RS’ special steel grades support the freight operators in every in-service conditions, from the desert to the artic environment.

    Freiset® is the results of a set of Lucchini RS’ innovative solutions and a best choice for the freight market, being able to guarantee more safety for less service maintenance costs, and it is equipped with:

    • LAX141 : EA1N axle with higher safety factors and optimized geometry.
    • Sura® wheel: Thermostable and low stress freight wheel. UIC 510-5 and TSI qualified.
    • Lursak® 4F: A permanent anti-ballast coating to cancel surface defects that currently require EVIC.
    • Hypno®: Solution to reduce the noise from tread braked wheels and to comply with TSI noise limits.
    • GE: New inspection system for the complete inspection from the axle head. In cooperation with General Electrics.

    Contact: or for detailed technical information.

  • Tram and LRV wheelsets
    Lucchini RS designs and builds resilient wheels and solutions for all type of LRV, including low-floor tramways....

  • Lucchini RS can offer the best solution in terms of simplicity, weight, modularity and maintainability for LRV.

    Limoset®, Developed by Lucchini RS through a rigorous design-to-cost discipline, is the low floor wheelset solution adaptable to different gauges and able to reduce unsprung masses.

    All Lucchini RS resilient wheels could be equipped with noise reduction systems.

    Contact: or for detailed technical information.

  • Railway Maintenance Services
    Lucchini RS customers appreciate the Company’s products and services, the technology, and the focus on innovation, safety and quality....

  • Lucchini RS is at the forefront in the maintenance services and by relentlessly implementing cost efficient design improvements, real-time monitoring, best-in-class testing procedures, a wheelset condition based maintenance is possible, opening up opportunities of high vehicle efficiency at equivalent if not better availability.

    Performance of wheelsets is monitored to optimize Life Cycle Cost.

    In 2016, Lucchini RS published another technical book called LRS Techno-9: “A Modern Approach to Wheelset Maintenance Plan Optimization”, focusing on a scientific approach to wheelsets maintenance.

    Lucchini RS developed also an innovative patented solution for condition monitoring of axles bending and torsional load spectra, a special wheelset called Smartset®.

    The data can be collected on board and up-loaded to a remote server where it will be available for optimizing NDT inspection interval in relation to the actual vehicle service, enabling the reduction of maintenance costs. Along the service line, Smartset® can detect overloads together with the GPS position, providing useful information to the infrastructure maintenance manager.

    Contact: or for detailed technical information.

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