InterMotive Vehicle Controls

Auburn,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3773

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Leading manufacturer of electronic control systems that provide safety, fuel economy, or vehicle productivity solutions. 

Featured Products:

IdleLock - idle with the key removed from the ignition and the vehicle securely locked in Park. 

EcoStar - auto stop/start system that turns the engine off in Park but leaves battery power so lights, radio and other equipment work.  EcoStar automatically restarts the engine based on low battery voltage or (if using a thermistor) based off of the temperature inside the vehicle.

Pre-Trip Module - automatically cycles all external lights (including brake, reverse, high beams, turn signals, etc...) on Ford and GM chassis so one person can conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection.  Using a second person, mirrors, walls, sticks and wheel chocks, etc... are a thing of the past.

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