Global Display Solutions, Inc.

Rockford,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 2013

Global manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LCD displays

With over 35 years of experience, GDS manufactures industry-leading displays that incorporate cutting edge technologies and optical enhancements to deliver crisp, clear, sunlight readable images indoors and outdoors.

GDS manufactures  IP65 outdoor sunlight readable displays for railway platforms and on-board displays for both bus and train.  Our Hantarex division offers indoor narrow and ultra narrow bezel video wall displays for public information.  GDS is a exclusive partner for E Ink displays.

With manufacturing in the U.S., Europe and Asia, GDS can provide displays for:  Customer Information Systems, Next Train Indicator displays, onboard HMI, passenger infotainment LCDs, platform advertising LCD display, bus shelters screens.

GDS offers a fully managed service from research and development of leading-edge products, right through to vertically integrated in-house manufacturing, service, legacy support and obsolescence management.


  • Midas Stele 55''
    Full Outdoor high brightness totem display, designed for fast and easy maintenance...

  • The STELE Midas is the proper solution for any digital signage need, especially in public transportation and outdoor environments. It is designed to provide a very bright and appealing picture and to operate efficiently under full
    sunlight conditions without the adverse effect of solar loading on the LCD panel, thanks to the GDS  "G+Bond" optical enhancement.
  • 75'' D6
    Eye-catching large format 4k resolution display, suitable for harsh environments and designed also for self standing requirements...

  • 75" D6 combines the total flexibility of remote content management with the 4K resolution, that makes the images and video more attractive. Available also in a 55'' version.
  • Midas 38'' Stretched
    Full outdoor 24/7 display solution, thermally managed and suitable for harsh environments...

  • MIDAS Stretched is an ultra-wide outdoor display, designed to operate in direct sunlight and the harshest weather conditions, as well as the high shock and vibration environment in which they could be located. These displays are being deployed on platforms to provide passengers with up to the minute status of scheduled stops, local news, time and weather, emergency notifications and additional information to enhance the rider’s experience. Included in each display is an embedded PC system that monitors the health and well-being of the display and which communicates directly with the content network management system and power protection devices. All MIDAS displays come with G+Bond enhanced optical bonding to provide the sharpest video images, to guard against vandalism and to provide greater safety in case the front glass is broken. This also prevents any dust accumulation or condensation on the LCD. The single and dual display mounting systems have been designed for ease of installation and servicing.
  • Onboard 38''
    Large format stretched display designed for onboard applications...

  • 38" display solution based on an established display
    product provide a proven ruggedised solution. This,
    together with other GDS technologies, lowers the Total
    Cost of Ownership (TCO) for PIS system. Enhanced
    contrast and improved brightness make the display easier
    to read and compliant with particular and restrictive
  • 13.3'' eTela for Bus Stops
    Innovative Information electronic paper Display mounted at bus stops to show passengers real-time information...

  • You can be sure of getting the right solution for your digital bus stop when you talk to a GDS representative. We know the TRANSPORTATION MARKET and will be able to integrate your real time information into the display.

    You can give your passengers great service by providing accurate, up-to-date information:

    When is my next bus arriving?
    How long will my journey last?
    Are there any disruptions I should anticipate?

    You can even provide this information to foreign tourists in their own language. And all of this can be done with solar-powered energy, avoiding the expense of installing and paying for an outside energy source.

    In summary, main advantages of GDS solution for the digital bus stop application are:

    • Extremely energy efficient – no outside energy source
    • Real time communication – one update per minute, or even less
    • Paper-like readability in all sunlight conditions thanks to GDS G+BondTM optical enhancement
    • Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions
    • Reliable information improves travelers’ safety
    • On-board media player for managing content
    • Environmentally friendly – powered by green energy

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