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  • Booth: 6646, 2025

Aesys Inc. welcomes you to visit us at booths 6646 and 2025.

Founded in 1977 Aesys is proudly celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Aesys is a world leader in communication systems and display technologies. With operations in the Unites States since 2003, we are proud to serve most of the top 50 private coach operators from coast to coast. Building on that success, Aesys has developed a new range of Buy America bid-ready products including LED Destination Signs (Amber, White, Full Color), Audio Voice Announcement Systems, On-Board Next Stop Signs, and TFT Multimedia Information products to be showcased at the APTA 2017 Expo.

Aesys Incorporated is the US subsidiary of Aesys S.p.A., an Italian company serving the traffic, transit, industrial, and municipal markets. All critical design and production functions are performed at our headquarters in Bergamo, Italy or in one of our additional facilities located in Brazil, Germany, India, Spain, and the United States. We have over 300 team members dedicated to product excellence.


  • DAVE
    Destination Sign Controller...

  • DAVE is Aesys' Destination Sign Controller that allows to connect all Aesys Technologies on-board as:

    Destination Signs, AVA (Automated Voice Announcement), Infotainment (TFT Televisions to display route, stop and advertising data), Wireless Programming, AVL, Diagnostics Collection. All of the programming for DAVE functions will be hosted within the new Aesys cloud based system, called HAL. All of the HAL functions can be centralized and accessed without special software from any device with internet access. DAVE will be updated regularly, always backward compatible and capable of facilitating all functionalities on board and in the cloud. #HAL#AesysLive#AL

    LED Destination Signs...

  • Available in Amber, White or Color, the Aesys Minerva Series features high performance Surface Mount Technology (SMT) LEDs and a lightweight aluminum casing. Fully backwards compatible with previous systems, Minerva signs are available for the front, side, rear and dash of the bus and are used to display passenger information about bus line and destination.  Automatic brightness control ensures readability in all lighting conditions. And through wide viewing angles riders can easily read the destination from any point. Because of the smart internal wiring, integrated power supplies, and high quality components, Minerva signs are long life and have no need for preventative maintenance.

    Multimedia Passenger Information System

  • The on-board multimedia Passenger Information System displays multimedia content including text, images, animations, video, and audio on a high resolution LCD-TFT monitor. Content possibilities range from next stop announcements to service advisories to video advertisements. The Infotainment System keeps everyone on board informed about the next stop and the bus’s position along the route, including the visually and hearing handicapped. The Infotainment System greatly enhances the transit agency’s service perception.


    The LCD-TFT monitor can be configured for single-sided double-sided, or side-by-side viewing. The multimedia Passenger Information System can be managed independent of the driver and connected to a central controller through Wi-Fi, GPRS, and similar wireless formats. The central controller is able to manage the content for each individual bus, line, or the entire system using the included Aesys Multimedia Manager.

  • Bus Next-Stop Sign
    Next-Stop Sign...

  • The bus next-stop sign provides bus passengers with the location of the next stop on an LED display in one color or two colors of text. The next-stop display can be installed with an audio voice announcement system to be able to serve both the visually and hearing handicapped.

    The next-stop sign works independently of the bus driver through GPS, an electronic gyroscope, and an odometer in conjunction with a pre-programmed route map. Built-in analytics allow the system to function even when the GPS signal is lost.

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