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Specializing in Transit process improvement and automation.

We help smart people solve hard problems.

OTB has years of experience successfully navigating some of the biggest challenges in public transit. Our deep grasp of the field allows us to help you solve complex business, technology and resource issues. We work with you to define, optimize and automate your business.

Transit work requires a massive amount of collaboartion, which allows us to perform miracles but can also cause frustration. Work slows, information is stuck in emails, documents float around in various (sometimes conflicting) versions, lists aren't current, people are out, approvals don’t happen. And it is not easy to fix because it's not apparent where things are stuck. OTB is highly successful at critical process redesign, improvement and automation. We have also implemented data warehouses, KPI dashboards and real-time analysis, data governance processes, technology architectures and solution designs for transit authorities with diverse needs in highly regulated environments.  

We can help you remove up to 80% of wasted time and costs. Visit us @ booth #9352 and see our transit solutions & case studies or contact us at inquiries@otbsolutions.com.


 Show Specials

  • ​Business Process Automation RapidStart Services

    As part of our APTA Annual Meeting specials OTB is offering a Free Trial of our process automation solutions. Come meet with us at our booth and sign up for a free trial.  We will provision a customized application for you and your team to try out for up to one month!  

    We'll even do a fully custom Proof of Concept for any process you choose!


  • Safety and Security Information Management System
    The Safety and Security Information Management System (SSIMS) is designed to automate the processes defined in your SSCP, PHA, TVA and Testing plans including the collection and archiving of all comments, revisions and accepted documentation....

    OTB Solutions’ Safety and Security Management System (SSMS™) is revolutionizing Safety and Security Management by delivering a highly configurable, extremely adaptable and totally secure solution to you through the cloud. Now you can eliminate the challenges of any Safety Management System using our full service approach.

    No software to install. Merely choose the modules you need and have the environment provisioned as soon as the next day. Our full service approach starts by tailoring each of the modules to your exact requirements and if needed, integrating SSMS™ with existing systems and data sources.

    Your team can stay focused on doing what they do best and not learning the ins and outs of yet another software product. The unique platform SSMS™ is built upon allows it to be configured instantly to match any process imaginable without custom development.

    An ongoing part of our full service approach allows you to adapt your Safety Management System as needs dictate. Since there is no coding required, when changes are necessary, SSMS™ can continue to be tailored more quickly and easily than ever before. As new requirements are added or changes to existing functions are necessary, simply advise your SSMS™ Client Success Manager and your changes will be made available in a matter of days – all as part of your monthly user service fee.

    SSMS™ is a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that runs in the cloud. Your users log into a secure application using only their Web browser. They will experience superior performance through our user friendly interface.

    Your existing systems can live on if they need to. SSMS™ allows you to leverage data contained in these environments and pass information between systems in real time, eliminating the need for data re-keying.

    Example Product Suite:
      - Safety and Security Certification Manager
      - Light Rail Vehicle Conformance Manager
      - Substance Abuse Test Tracking System

  • Incident Management System
    Our solution provides end-to-end visibility into Incident Management Processes, analyzes and makes available “real-time” process data, centralizes IM processes, and enables the organization to rapidly adjust to business and regulatory changes....

  • Features and Components

    The use of OTB’s Incident Management (IM) solution will ensure that all your processes are consistently followed, and will allow for adaptation and rapid evolution of deployed processes. The use of IM allows you to take on a rapid iterative approach to design and configuration, deploying and evolving the solution after the initial implementation.

    By leveraging our approach you will be able to:

    • Provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices and for both internal and external users
    • Securely manage your content
    • Provide an “enterprise view” of all of Incident Management process. This will be available via dashboards, supported by Microsoft Power BI.
    • Develop flexible processes which can be adapted on-the-fly to handle those exceptions that weren’t anticipated in the original design.

    Summary of Functionality



    Workflow automation

    Designed and configured in a drag and drop web interface. For the initial configuration, OTB Solutions resources will work through updating of all configuration tables.  However, the solution is meant to be maintained by end-users and to not require skilled developer resources to adapt the system to future needs.

    Advanced form building

    OTB Solutions provides a rich and comprehensive toolset upon which we build the forms and other web interface elements. Based on HTML5, JavaScript and JSON this technology provides for the broadest adoption possible across the widest set of devices.

    Instant report building

    OTB Solutions uses Microsoft’s Power BI Service which will allows our clients the greatest amount of flexibility in creating their own custom reporting.  PowerBI can connect directly with our solution and provide you with even more flexibility and a rich graphic display capability often not found in other solutions.  There are also several “out of the box” reports to help you understand how your IM processes are faring in the real world.

    Business rules management

    Since this is a configure to order solution, based upon XML, JSON and HTML5, all of the business rules, workflow logic and forms design are contained within the single visual designer environment.  

    Timeline awareness

    Incident Management by its very nature is “timeline aware”. OTB Solutions goes further by allowing for predefined and ad-hoc escalations which can be configured. This allows you to not only manage at the “micro” activity level, but at the “macro” level.

    Mobile UI

    OTB Solutions web based front end allows the solution to be viewed on any device which supports a modern browser.   


  • Automation Services
    We help optimize and automate your business critical processes. If you find that you're waiting for someone to complete a task or you can't answer "where are we with that?", we can help....


    Are you waiting for...
    an ans
    wer to your email, an updated document, someone to sign a form, someone to approve or reject something? Do they even know they’re on the hook?

    ​Can you answer, "Where are you on that?"
    Or, do you have to chase someone down, or dig through emails and excel spreadsheets?

    Is technology making work easier?
    Automating a manual process, “just because”, may only get the wrong things done faster.

    OTB will help you to define, optimize and automate your business; allowing you to answer all of these questions and more. 

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