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Since 1995, Dero has supplied innovative bike parking and bicycle facility solutions to transit agencies, urban planners, and cities across the country. Our bike racks, repair stands and pumps, shelters, and lockers are high quality, well-designed, secure, and proudly made in the USA.


  • Dero Veloport™
    Secure, Stylish Bike Shelter...

  • The graceful lines and modern laser cut design makes the Veloport™ stand out while still offering the security and durability you need in your long-term bike parking. Each bay of this all-metal, modular bike locker parks one bicycle on a lockable tray that helps guide the bike into the port.

    • Modular system
    • U-lock/padlock handle
    • Key lock option available
    • Lift-assist door
    • All-metal construction
    • Ventilation holes for temperature control and visibility
    • Number plates included in cost
    • Wider fat bike trays available – contact us for this option
  • Dero Decker
    Secure, two-tier bicycle storage system....

  • The Dero Decker takes bike parking to the next level – literally. By stacking bikes on a two-tiered system, capacity doubles. Unlike other two-tier systems our lift-assist top trays slide down inches from the ground, thus requiring only minimal lifting of the bike into the tray.

    The Dero Decker has a front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers to provide safe lowering of upper trays. The vertical load trays also reduce the required aisle space, giving the Dero Decker the smallest footprint on the market.

    • Sturdy red handle grips
    • Lift-assist trays
    • Dampers for safe lowering of trays
    • Spring loaded levers hold bikes firmly in place
    • U-lock compatible
    • Smallest footprint
    • Smooth and silent operation
    • Simple installation
    • Low maintenance
    • Specially designed fat bike trays available
    • Adjustable downward resting position to accommodate different floor clearances
  • Dero Bike Locker™ 33
    All-steel bike locker for long-term bicycle storage....

  • The Dero Bike Locker™ 33 offers bike parking for a single bicycle per unit, thus providing a narrower footprint when space is limited. This affordable bike locker is a perfect option for long-term bike parking applications, such as transit hubs and college campuses. Multiple locking options and all standard powder coat color options are available. Ships flat to save you money.

  • Bike Depot
    Fully-enclosed, modular bike shelter, designed for secure, long-term storage....

  • Whether the project is at a transit station, university campus, or residential building, the Bike Depot’s modular design lets customers easily build out to meet their space requirements. They also have the option to fully enclose the Bike Depot with heavy-duty wire mesh and double doors to create the perfect, long-term bike station, or keep it open for public accessible, short-term parking.

  • Fixit
    Public bicycle repair stand....

  • The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.

    Add your choice of an Air Kit bike pump (sold separately) to keep your cyclists' tires topped up and ready to roll.

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