Datamed S.r.l.

Peschiera Borromeo,  Milano 
  • Booth: 9263

Smart and Solar Powered Passenger Information Systems

DataINFOMOBILITY, an Italian engineering company with an established international experience, develops and manufactures innovative digital signage systems for the display of real-time bus arrival information.

All our products are solar-powered and are internationally appreciated for being long-lasting, low-maintenance and reliable. Key features include:

  • Reduced installation time: our e-signs  do not need to be connected to the electrical grid
  • High quality and reliable technology, which translates into long-lasting products
  • Cost-effective: virtually maintenance-free display systems
  • Environmentally-friendly: no light pollution and no source of energy needed besides solar power
  • Fully customizable information layout and system configuration
  • Extremely wide viewing angle (nearly 180o)
  • Extremely high resolution, anti-reflective displays
  • Multi-language Vocal Announcements: for the access to information to visually impaired users

Our turn-key solutions for passenger information systems include: proprietary platform for the remote control and monitoring of our systems, specialized consultancy and support with routine updates.


  • LookUp FSTN
    Solar powered sign for passenger information systemts designed to operate in extreme climates: -25C (-13F)/+80C(176F). It does not require any backlight when the display is exposed to sunlight: the display is always bright, brilliant and very visible....

  • LookUp FSTN solar powered signs are based on transflective display technology and can operate in extreme climates. This technology does not require any backlight when the display is exposed to sunlight, because the display becomes bright, brilliant and very visible. At night or in cloudy conditions, a high-efficiency backlight is automatically turned on by an environmental light sensor.  

    Moreover, transflective display technology significantly improves contrast and viewing angle for superior visibility.

    Key Features:

    • High contrast FSTN display
    • Extremely wide operating temperature range: -25C(-13F)/+80C(176F)
    • High resolution (640x240 pixels)
    • Modular design (1 to 4 screens)
    • Robust and reliable in any environment
    • Protection Grade: IP56
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Front glass: double-layered, anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-shattering
    • Communication: 3G
    • Average power consumption: 1Wh
    • Speakers for vocalization of messages for visually impaired users: 20W optimized for voice sound
  • LookUp BCD
    No power needed except during information update ("infinite stand-by time"). These systems are bright and visible in any lightning condition. Exceptional readability is guaranteed at all times by a very high display resolution and anti-glare front glass....

  • Key features:                                                                                             

    • High resolution;
    • Sunlight readable display, suitable for images and logos, as well as text in any language;
    • Wide viewing angle display (nearly 180o);
    • Autonomy* without recharge and standard operation 24/7: up to 36 days.

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