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EPHY-MESS sensors add efficiency and safety to your system.

EPHY-MESS is a mid-sized and family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in supplying high quality products to OEM’s and system houses in the railway industry. Specialized in customized sensor assemblies for the railway industry, EPHY-MESS produces robust and shock-proof temperature sensors, oil level gauges and speed sensors in acc. with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). Our sensors reliably monitor the temperature of motors, gears, wheel set bearings or control cabinets in high-speed trains,  metros, trams or cargo. EPHY-MESS has developed a modular concept for sensors in rolling stock that guarantees safe operation and high availability under the claim of low running and servicing costs. A continuous growth and constant technological innovations enable EPHY-MESS to meet the newest state-of-the-art requirements. The company is also characterized by intensive R&D activities, quality awareness, high flexibility and its targeted focus on customers’ needs.


  • Railway Speed Sensors
    Speed sensors, based on incremental impulse sensor, are part of the modular EPHY-MESS sensor concept for rail vehicles. Through the encoder signal the rotating direction and speed of locomotives, motor- and high-speed trains are detected....

  • The speed sensor measures rotational movements contactlessly; they are offered in 1- and 2-channel version. Speed sensors are available for gearwheel modules from 1.5 to 3.0. The maximum switching frequency is 25.000 Hz. In addition, EPHY-MESS speed sensors are suitable for zero-speed detection.

    The magnets inside the speed sensor are resistant to high temperatures and thus the magnetization persists even up to 300°C. The speed sensors are characterized by a very good long-term stability. They are applicable in the temperature range from -50°C to +125°C max. The requirements of protection type IP68 are met. Conformity to EN60751, EN 61373 Kategorie 3, NF F16-101, EN 50305, UIC 564-2, EN 45545-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2:2005-06, DIN EN 61034-2:2014-11 is fulfilled. Upon request, EPHY-MESS produces speed sensors according to individual requirements. Cable versions, connector, switching frequency and gearwheel module are available. Angled configurations are also possible.

  • Railway Oil Level Gauges
    EPHY-MESS produces robust and vibration-resistant oil level gauges. They are optimized for use in the under-floor area of rail vehicles and will withstand the effects of stone impacts....

  • The oil level of traction motors, gears and other oil-carrying units must be checked regularly. The oil level gauges should be freely accessible and easy to clean. Used in traction motors, transmission or wheel-set bearings of railway vehicles, oil level gauges are usually located in exposed locations on the equipment, and are potentially subject to an increased risk of external physical influences. The EPHY-MESS oil level gauges are protected against these influences.

    The patented two-chamber system of EPHY-MESS oil level gauges enables fast and clean checking of the oil level and withstand at the same time projectiles with a mass of 30g and a speed of up to 50 m / s. If a heavier strike destroys sight glass, no oil would leak because of the two-chamber system with integrated protection. The damaged glass can be changed during a routine inspection rapidly and without draining the oil. Oil level gauges can also be used in any particularly harsh industrial environments (e.g. mining).

  • Railway Temperature Sensors
    Our high-quality temperature sensors are used worldwide in high-speed trains, freight and regional trains and in metros, trams or trolley busses. They monitor the temperature of motors, gears and wheel-set bearings in the bogie....

  • The temperature monitoring of rolling stock sets high demands on the sensors with respect to mechanical stability. The sensors are exposed to increased vibrations and shocks by extremely high air velocities and by environmental influences in the under-floor area. Especially the pressure differences at tunnel entrances and exits put huge mechanical burdens on the sensors in use. Components, developed by EPHY-MESS are designed for these conditions. Temperature sensors developed especially for high-speed trains work reliably at speeds in excess of 350 km/h.

    The sensors based on single or dual Pt100 measuring resistors are built into a protective sleeve with a diameter between 5 mm to 12 mm. The shielded connecting line can be executed in 2 -, 3 - or 4-wire connections. The cable outlet can be constructed at any angle. Depending on the application plastic, stainless steel corrugated or rubber fabric hoses can be used as additional protection for the cable line.

  • RFID sensor concept for railway applications
    Combining the latest RFID technology with advanced sensor expertise creates innovative sensor solutions for the railway industry....

  • The trend of continuous condition monitoring also has an impact on the RFID sector. For one thing, RFID sensors are used in mobile applications for instance to identify objects and their states. For another, they are used in fixed installations to monitor machine or product conditions. Based on the analysis of the sensor data, a reliable and fast reacting security system can be realized.

    Combining the RFID reader by Harting with the advanced sensor technology of EPHY-MESS, creates an extremely robust industrial and railway-compliant RFID sensor system solution. The RFID technology eliminates the use of expensive cable connections and their costly installation and maintenance. Later in the operation, the system replaces time intensive manual and visual inspections, further it reduces downtimes and increases availability. Additionally, it facilitates a predictive maintenance and helps to prevent damage to bogie components such as wheel set bearings, gears or traction.

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