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As a leader in heating and filtration solutions, CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is committed to ongoing research, product development and, above all, excellence in customer service. With facilities across North America, CCI Thermal manufactures five of the top brands in industrial heating in addition to a comprehensive line of engineered industrial filtration products including: Cata-Dyne™ Explosion-Proof Gas Catalytic Heaters, Ruffneck™ Heaters for the Harshest Environments, Caloritech™ Engineered Electric Heat, Norseman™ Electric Explosion-Proof Heaters, DriQuik™ Infrared Oven Components, 3L Filters™ Engineered Filtration Systems, and Fastrax® Track and Switch Heaters.CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is honoured to have been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the ninth consecutive year, its third year as a Platinum Club member.


  • Floor Heaters (FV, SD, SS)
    Caloritech™ heating elements are specifically designed as the ideal solution for floor heating passenger or cab compartments in transit rail applications....

  • Caloritech™ Strip Heater and Finned Strip Heater

    Caloritech Strip Heaters are specially engineered and manufactured using high quality materials. At the heart of every strip heater, high temperature alloy resistance wire is uniformly coiled and spaced over the heated width and length of the unit. Meticulous control of the coil process ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the heater. The coiled resistance wire is embedded in a special refractory material with excellent heat transfer and insulation properties. The heater assembly is encased in either an aluminized steel or stainless steel sheath and compressed under high pressure. A final heat treatment bakes and semi-vitrifies the refractory material for a resilient, heavy-duty heating element. Plated steel fins can be added at a nominal four fins per inch for improved heat transfer.

    Caloritech™ Calvane™ and Louvered Calvane™ Heating Assembly

    The patented Caloritech Calvane™ heating element is the most technologically advanced heating element on the market. A lightweight aluminum sheath with integral extruded fins provides a responsive design with exceptional heat transfer. At the center of the Calvane™, nickel chromium resistance wire or ribbon is encased in high grade compressed magnesium oxide to provide maximum performance and life expectancy. Each vane is spring mounted to a back plate complete with factory installed ceramic insulators allowing for easy installation and thermal expansion during operation. Superior performance characteristics make the Calvane™ the preferred element of choice in North America for transit authorities and car builders.

  • Forced Air Heaters (RCH)
    CCI Thermal Forced Air Heaters will maximize heat capacity and airflow while minimizing noise and grill temperatures to meet demanding customer specifications....

  • CCI Thermal is the North American leader in custom engineered forced air heating solutions. These heaters will maximize heat capacity and airflow while minimizing noise and grill temperatures to meet demanding customer specifications. Our heaters are custom engineered to customer specifications with the optimal combination of enclosure material, elements, fan, connection type and thermal protection to ensure safe and efficient operation.

    Traditional fan forced styles:

    Cab heater, defroster/defogger, vestibule, lavatory, baseboard, portal and underseat heaters.

    Fan Forced Heater Options:

    • Enclosure Material: Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum + more
    • Elements: Open coil, tubular, strip heater, Calvane™.
    • Fans: Axial, centrifugal, radial

    Key features:

    • Rugged/robust design
    • High resistance to shock and vibration
    • Fast heat up/cool down response time
    • Easy to install
    • Light weight
    • Low Noise
    • High quality components
    • Long lifespan


    CCI Thermal’s strength is an ability to quickly custom design fan forced heaters to suit a customers’ needs in every aspect. Simply provide us the information required to develop the ideal heater and we will use our expertise to see a project through from design conception to qualitative performance testing to production.

    Information we need for customization:

    1. Desired heat capacity
    2. Available space
    3. Wiring/electrical configuration
    4. Noise limit
    5. Diffuser/grille temperature limit

  • Threshold Heaters (Calbar™, Tubular)
    In colder climates snow and ice can accumulate on train door thresholds and door pockets, interfering with door operation and jeopardizing passenger safety....

  • Threshold and Door Pocket Heating

    In colder climates snow and ice can accumulate on train door thresholds and door pockets, interfering with door operation and jeopardizing passenger safety. CCI Thermal provides unique heating designs to ensure passenger safety and keep doors operational.

    Our line of threshold and door pocket heaters are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments of water submersion, corrosive substances, friction, shock and vibration. This design focus has produced the most durable, robust and reliable heaters on the market. CCI Thermal is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented CALBAR™ heating element and offers traditional tubular heating elements as well.

    Research and Development

    Testing and analysis of a threshold heater is required to ensure proper functionality and longevity. With the use of thermal imaging and instrumented testing, we confirm complete heating of the threshold while ensuring temperatures remain within specification. The CALBAR™ heating element is also fully submerged for up to 24 hours to assure the element is properly sealed from water ingression.

    CALBAR™ Element Features:

    • Watertight seal
    • Stainless steel sheath surrounded by stainless steel casing
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Flat contoured surface for extended heat transfer
    • Shock and vibration resistant
    • Durable construction

    Caloritech™ Tubular Element Features:

    • Watertight seal
    • Stainless steel sheath
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Narrow diameter

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