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World Class, Affordable, Bus & Light Railcar Washing Systems

Bitimec's Wash-Bots are advanced, affordable Bus Wash Systems delivering positive ROI to Public Transit fleets nationwide. A single operator can wash up to 40 buses in one shift; each bus in 6-8 minutes. The 15sq.ft.machines do not need a dedicated building and can be tucked out of the way when not in use. Bitimec has pioneered the sector and is the market leader world-wide!

We support 30+ distributors on 5 continents, from offices in the USA and Europe, selling standard and tailor-made bus and rail maintenance equipment such as:

- Bus Washing Equipment (walk around and ride-on)

- Light-Rail washing equipment (amazing $35,000.00 UNBEATABLE VALUE)

- Train Washing Equipment (single brush and two-brush mobile machines to wash railcars)

- 48V Utility Trucks for railcar and station maintenance  

- Brake-sand-refilling machines (either stationary or on 48Volt trucks)

Please visit Booth 4033 for top class maintenance solutions!


Bitimec Transit Bus Wash Video
Bitimec Lightrail Video Compilation


  • Bitimec 626EZ Battery Powered Bus Washing System
    Imagine a bus washing machine on wheels, with push button everything, so easy to use a 12 year old can wash a bus in the blink of an eye. Come to booth 4033 to see our technology up-close.......

  • 626-EZ

    Twenty-five years in the making, the NEW generation battery powered Bus Wash Machine 626-EZ has quickly become our best seller world-wide. The 626-EZ is a high-tech car, SUV, van, bus, RV, truck and trailer washer ‘on wheels’. Totally portable with soap, water, traction, brush rotation and inclination all available at the touch of a button.

    The best features of the Bitimec Wash-Bots line are incorporated on this top-of-the-line car wash machines, including:

    • All stainless-steel frame with life-time warranty
    • ‘Brush only’ inclination system for better stability
    • Centrally located patented traction wheel for sure traction
    • Full machine height safety bumpers on both sides
    • Double rudder controls for featherlight steering
    • 112gallon water and 13gallon pre-soak tanks
    • Stainless steel adjustable spray nozzles
    • Proprietary presoak applicator/nebulizer
    • Battery irrigation system for quick top-up

    The 626-EZ has quickly become the go-to machine for washing small to large fleets, adopted enthusiastically in all transportation sectors for people and freight.

  • Bitimec 101BB Electric Powered Bus Washing System
    Our 101-BB electric machines are ideal for indoor or outdoor dedicated wash bays. This electric unit needs to be ‘plugged-in’ to electricity and water....

  • 101-BB

    Wash-Bots 101 BB is a super narrow model, ideal for washing small limousine type vans, all the way up to full size coaches. The base is a narrow 2’8″ x 3’2″, but with Bitimec’s innovative engineering, this same size base as the competition is able to feature a much bigger brush!

    Our brush is 36″ in diameter, which is a full 4″ or 12.5% more than other machines in this class. The 101 BB brush delivers a better wash and longer life, while still being able to fit in the narrowest of wash bays. Dual controls enable the unit to wash in both directions, allowing it to clean the toughest of corners.

    The operator walks the machine around the vehicle with ease. After a first pass in one direction, a pass in the opposite direction delivers a perfect wash. A Dema “Venturi” soap injection system with no moving parts is standard!

    We designed Wash-Bot machines to make the job easier and faster.  While also using far less water, detergent, manpower and time than conventional vehicle washing methods. Single person can easily operate wash-bots 101-BB washing machine.

  • Bitimec A225EZ Diesel Powered Bus Washing System
    A gasoline or diesel powered single-brush washer. This model has a variable speed hydrostatic traction, turns on a dime, and has double controls for double productivity. Hydraulics also drive the water pump and brush....

  • A225EZ 

    Available with electric start, gasoline, or diesel engines, this model has a 2 speed hydrostatic traction, turns on a dime, and has double controls for double productivity. Hydraulic oil also drives the water pump and brush. A custom trailer allows distributors and contract washers to transport this and other suitably equipped Speedy Wash models to be used for demos or contract cleaning in a customer’s lot. Set up (or down) time is 5 minutes fast!
    The EZ Drive 4WS (Easy Drive four wheels steering) A225 makes washing a vehicle easier than ever, and faster than ever! An absolute innovation in single brush bus and truck washing, the integral, extra smooth steering system includes:

    • Central drive wheel
    • Four steering wheels
    • Two full function steering controls (one control standard)

    The interaction of these components provides absolutely smooth, feather touch steering with total control of the machine in both directions, allowing this unrivaled model to wash better and faster than ever.

  • Bitimec SEP900 Diesel-Powered Train Washing System
    The SEP 900 was conceived as a specialty machine for washing bullet trains on the go. Shunting Million dollar trains at a snail’s pace to (and through) fixed wash portals, while clocking time on rolling stock AND engineers, burns money fast....

  • SEP-900

    Wash-Bots bring you the best when it comes to train wash equipment. The SEP 900 solution has modern features for washing trains inexpensively. For example, with SEP 900 you can easily wash a train from platform or track level. Furthermore, our machine features the latest generation diesel engine with low pollution impact. Wash-bots train washing machine is also equipped with hydraulic traction, 1000 Liter water tank, acid base detergent applicator circuit, and a second optional brush.

    We designed train wash equipment exclusively for the extreme service requirements in railway yards. You can easily cross rail tracks with Wash-Bots train washing machine. Moreover, with Wash-Bots SEP 900 you can adjust brush height with a pressure control system. This will help you keep contact with the surface being washed. We build cab, engine compartment, water tank and brush shroud with stainless steel. This makes a durable, fast machine which will ‘go to the train’ saving time and money.

    We designed Wash-Bot machines to make the job easier and faster while using far less water, detergent, manpower and time than conventional vehicle washing methods. One person easily operate wash-bots train washing machine.

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