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Sportworks designs, manufactures and distributes bicycle infrastructure solutions including the industry-leading Bike-Rack-for-Buses® and innovative bicycle parking products. Hundreds of thousands of bicyclists throughout 20 countries utilize our proprietary bike racks every day. Our products improve bicycle usability, promote global sustainability and enhance public transportation options at more than 1,200 customer sites around the world. Sportworks has supplied standard and custom bike racks to transit agencies, OEM bus builders and third-party fleet management companies for over 25 years.

 Press Releases

  • Sportworks is proud to introduce the new Sportworks Apex 2™ modular bike rack system. The sleek, compact design follows in the footsteps of the Sportworks Apex 3™ bike rack. The stainless steel frame, wheel trays, and support arms are designed to reduce bounce and uses the same heavy-duty pivot plate as the Apex 3.

    In addition to structural updates, the engineers at Sportworks have made design improvements across the board in the development of the new Apex 2™. This 2-position bike rack is the new standard for bike racks on buses and meets all California length requirements.

    Sportworks Apex 2™ is available now. Call 888-661-0555 to order yours.


  • Apex 3
    Our modular 3 bike rack, the Apex 3™ offers the most compact layout of any 3-position transit rack, and is recommended for use on full-sized, cutaway and paratransit vehicles....

  • The Apex 3™ sets a new standard for safety and performance in transit bike racks. The frame, wheel trays, and support arms have been completely redesigned to reduce bounce, and minimize the rack's footprint for better vehicle turn radius, headlight / turn signal visibility and improved safety.

    The Apex 3™ is the first 3-position rack recommended for use on cutaways (excluding Chevrolet 4500 and 5500) and other small vehicles measuring 96" or greater in width excluding mirrors, and is compatible with existing Sportworks mounting brackets. Other benefits include:

    • Modified wheel trays accommodate largest array of bikes with up to 29" diameter wheels, 3" wide tires and a 48" wheelbase
    • New support arm handles provide improved ergonomics and ease of use
    • Modular design reduces maintenance costs by allowing damaged and worn out parts to be easily replaced
    • Rugged stainless steel construction with anti-glare finish provides maximum corrosion resistance
  • Ten Second Bracket
    The Ten Second Bracket™ (TSB) is an integrated pivot plate and bracket assembly that allows fast and easy removal of Sportworks bumper-mounted bike racks for towing and maintenance....

  • The Ten Second Bracket™ (TSB) is the result of a joint development effort between Romeo Rim bumpers and Sportworks Bike-Racks-for-Buses™. The TSB offers an integrated pivot plate and bumper bracket assembly that can be installed or removed in 10 seconds or less. Best of all, the bracket is safely secured using hand-knobs so no tools are required.

    Designed to attach in two easy steps, the TSB provides all the security and features provided by Romeo Rim HELP® bumpers and Sportworks Bike-Racks-for-Buses™. This unique bracket designed for use with select Sportworks transit racks will save valuable labor hours, and allow convenient removal of the complete bike rack assembly for towing, storage and vehicle maintenance.

  • Bike Counter
    The first and only way to automatically count bikes on your buses....

  • We know how important user data has become to transit agencies and planners alike. With that goal in mind, we are happy to introduce the long awaited Bike Counter Harness! As the global leader in Bike Racks for Buses for the past 25 years, we have seen a lot of changes that enable transit agencies to provide more multi-modal choices to the transit riding public. We have worked with agencies across the country to develop a product that will provide even better access for cyclists and important data for all those looking to utilize and improve transportation options.

    Available as an OEM option as well as a kit to install in the field, the Bike Counter Harness is a durable solution for collecting data from the bike rack mounted on the front of the bus. Proven to be bus wash compatible, it has been tested to stand up to the rigors of daily use while still collecting valuable passenger data. The Bike Counter Harness comes with a Weatherpack connector which directly links to the transit agency's bus management system (or alternate means of collecting the data).

  • Ad Panel
    Increase revenue with our integrated ad panel designed to fit our transit racks....

  • Are you looking to create new revenue streams for your transit agency? Utilizing otherwise unused space, our ad panels provide a great place for advertising whether used by the transit agency directly, or by a third party ad firm. The front of the bus is a highly visible area and our ad panels are designed to attract the attention of passersby.

    Expertly designed, the panel provides ample advertising space while ensuring that it remains out of the field of vision for the driver. The one-size-fits-all ad panel provides a consistent aesthetic with the convenience of standardized media. The heavy-duty construction is bus wash safe and attachs quickly and easily to all of our Sportworks bike racks.

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