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Sécheron SA is an innovative supplier of safety components and systems for railway electrification and rolling stock manufacturers. Our strong expertise in high voltage switching and protecting equipment and DC traction substations is well established throughout US railway and mass transit operators, where our equipment is widely installed and highly valued for its performances and reliability.

Sécheron’s Components Division offers the largest and leading range of safety solutions for DC circuit-breakers, AC vacuum circuit-breakers, contactors, disconnect switches and integrated high voltage MODBOX®.

Our Substations Division delivers DC traction substations including rectifiers, DC circuit-breaker cubicles with SEPCOS control and protection relay, and energy recovery solutions. Our large expertise also covers innovative software tools for stray current monitoring systems and local Scada.

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  • BMS l Contactor Range
    With its high modularity, the BMS contactor is present worldwide and recognised for its strong performance level and its extremely high reliability. It offers variants that enable to find the most appropriate version to fit their application....

  • The BMS contactor, with more than hundred and fifty thousands units in operation worldwide, is a contactor valued by the car builders and operators of electric traction vehicles for its strong performance level and its extremely high reliability.

    Taking advantages of its recognized features and design, Sécheron has modernized the BMS to make a product platform particularly well adapted to actual requirements and standards.

    With its high modularity, the BMS offers variants and options that enable our customers to find the most appropriate version to fit their application, either as a stand-alone contactor, or delivered coupled with a Sécheron dedicated pre-charging contactor type PCC18.

    Power contactor modules, convenient to order and easy to install, are a frequent wish of our customers. Sécheron brings the best solution with “plug & play” units gathering line and pre-charging contactors, but also current measurement and customised high voltage and low voltage interfaces.

  • MACS l AC Circuit-Breaker
    The MACS can be combined on the same base plate with other functions, such as Earthing Switch , Surge Arrester, Roof Switch, offering car builders a modular platform, particularly adapted to match their different applications and requirements....

  • MACS is a platform for Main AC Switch installed on electric rail vehicles running on AC networks. The AC vacuum Circuit-Breaker (AC VCB), which is the core function of the assembly, can be combined on the same base plate with other functions, such as Earthing Switch (ES), Surge Arrester (SA), Roof Switch (RS), offering the car builders the most modular platform, particularly well adapted to match their different applications and requirements.

    MACS can be mounted either vertically on the vehicle’s roof of EMUs and Trains as well as inside traction container for locomotives. Another option is horizontally inside Sécheron’s high voltage modular compact enclosure, AC MODBOX®, to be installed on the roof- or under the frame of trains.

    MACS is a fully electrically operated circuit-breaker, designed to automatically open through spring release in case the low supply voltage is interrupted. This fail-safe concept is a key safety issue for rolling stock circuit-breakers, equipped with electric or electro-pneumatic operation.

    MACS platform with its small dimensions and light weight, completed with the compact and modular AC MODBOX®, which integrates MACS in an aluminium housing with other high voltage functions such as current and voltage measurements, disconnect switch, filters, transient inductors, is the perfect solution for your rolling stock material running on 15 kVAC or/and 25 kVAC networks.

  • Modbox l Onboard solution
    MODBOX® is a compact and modular solution, for a smart and safe integration of high voltage components on traction vehicles running on AC and/or DC networks....

  • MODBOX® is a compact and modular solution, for a smart and safe integration of high voltage components on traction vehicles running on AC and/or DC networks.

    Built on a standard platform of rolling-stock-dedicated aluminium enclosure, MODBOX® is configured and engineered to address each project particular requirements for both integrated functionalities and interfaces to the vehicle.

    Designed to solve critical issues met with high voltage components set individually on vehicles’ roof, MODBOX® offers significant added value for both car builders and vehicle operators.

    Sécheron switching and protection components (AC circuit-breakers, DC circuit-breakers, contactors, disconnect switches) are primarily integrated in MODBOX®, completed with devices from first class suppliers for the other functions necessary to the application.

    MODBOX® is the solution selected by car builders for hundreds of trains, including high speed trains, running on 1.5kVDC, 3kVDC, 15kVAC and 25kVAC networks worldwide.

  • MBS | DC Switchgear Range
    Our expertise will be demonstrated through a new evolution of our MBS type DC circuit-breaker cubicle, used as control and protection equipment for the DC power distribution to overhead lines or third rails and suitable to all transportation needs....

  • With a complete range of equipment and a leading expertise in DC traction power substations, Sécheron SA is a world leader and major partner for electrification of DC traction networks. Sécheron SA can offer customers and partners tailor made solutions based on a modular concept and standard products.

    DC traction networks require safe power distribution and reliable control systems. The MBS type DC circuit-breaker panel is based on our traction DC protection experience and contains proven technology components for all major functions. Our DC switchgear range covers all applications such as trolley buses, tramways, subways, heavy mass transit, monorails, commuter trains and main line railways.

    The new evolution of the MBS cubicle provides the following main benefits:

    • Limited maintenance with easy access to all parts.
    • Very compact with minimum depth.
    • Possibility to install cubicles directly against a wall.
    • Front access to all equipment.
  • SEPCOS | Control and protection relay
    SEPCOS is a control and protection unit that represents a high-tech equipment and satisfies the most demanding safety requirements applicable to DC traction distribution networks....

  • SEPCOS is made of a powerful electronic system based on advanced technology (with several microprocessors) and integrates the necessary functions for the protection, the control and the measurement of DC traction equipment related to transportation systems (streetcars, underground railways, commuter trains or trolley buses).

    SEPCOS is stand alone, modular, extending and easily adaptable by software. It is equipped with a programmable logic unit which allows to freely define the operating logic functions, in order to match the requirements of the unit or the system to supervise.

    Moreover, SEPCOS is widely open to modern communication equipment (IEC 61850, IEC 62439-3 (PRP/HSR), IEC 60870-5-104 (-5-101), DNP 3.0, Modbus-TCP, Profinet, Modbus-RTU , Profibus-DP). It delivers network communication or serial line monitoring facilities.

    A user-friendly interface is associated through a high resolution 7” color Display, capacitive dual touch screen allowing easy and intuitive navigation.

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