Rigidized Metals Corp.

Buffalo,  NY 
United States
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Since 1940, Rigid-tex® has been the trusted name and the standard for deep textured metals. Family owned and operated for 75 years, Rigidized® Metals Corporation proudly produces Rigid-tex® metals in Buffalo, NY, USA. From serving the war effort in the 1940's to providing solutions for transportation and aerospace today, Rigid-tex® metals can be found in a wide array of applications such as food processing, packaging and material handling, truck and trailer bodies, bumpers and steps, mezzanines, and catering vehicles. 

Rigidized® Metals Corporation leads the world in the development and production of deep-textured, three dimensional metals. Rigidized® Metals' products are known for their attractive, economical and functional appeal. The Rigidized® Metals' deep texturing process adds strength, impact resistance and the ability to hide scratches. It also allows for down-gauging, resulting in lighter, longer lasting products and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Bus and Rail Interior Components
    Rigid-tex metals are highly sought after for use in bus and rail interiors....

  • Used for seat backs, luggage racks, wall panels, hand rails, wainscotings, kick plates, turn stiles, partitions and bulkheads, and other high traffic areas, the deep textured surface softens glare and hides the appearance of dents, dings, scratches and other forms of vandalism.

  • Panel Systems
    Rigidized Metals Corporation offers an array of panel systems for several different types of transportation applications....

  • Panel cores enhance physical and acoustic properties of the panels. Panels can be faced in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and steel in thicknesses of .016"-.090". Mechanical finishes include mill, polished, embossed and Rigidized® Metals deep textured. Powder coated and colored stainless steel are also available. Panel thickness can be from 1/4" to 2", with the length and width limited to the panel face material (stainless steel 60"x144"). We can supply a premium fire rated MDFB or an aluminum honeycomb core laminated with an FR adhesive.

  • Tread Plate
    Rigidized Metals Corporation has a variety of tread plate patterns to suit your needs....

  • Our unique process of creating "hollow-back" tread plate lugs allows us to start and finish with a cleaner product that is also 16%-18% lighter than conventional flat-back tread plate.

    A clean tread plate requires less preparation for finishing and can help achieve a better, longer lasting finish keeping the components in sustainable service longer.

    The weight reduction means you start with less material resources, and in transportation applications, this weight reduction saves energy in everyday use.

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