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Saft is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of advanced-technology batteries for industry. Saft products are widely acknowledged to be reliable, safe, cost-efficient, long-life and respectful of the environment.

Saft’s mission is to support its customers, worldwide, with traditional and new-generation batteries tailored to their needs.  The company continues to develop and enhance next-generation battery systems for emerging applications.


  • SMRX-F3
    Proven Ni-Cd Sintered/PBE technology that last more than 15 years - SMRX-F3 battery systems deliver reliable, high-energy and backup power for critical functions such as passenger safety and comfort and fail-safe train start-up....

  • Features & Benefits

    • Compact battery that offers totally reliable diesel engine starting as well as dependable backup for regular and high-energy applications
    • Capable of frequent stop-start operations within a daily schedule, meeting the growing demand to reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions
    • 30% lighter and more compact than other Ni-Cd batteries, increasing passenger carrying capacity
    • Delivers an exceptional return on investment thanks to very low life cycle cost (LCC), and significantly lower maintenance

    Technical Specifications

    • Reliability and long life of Saft’s nickel-based technology
    • Proven Ni-Cd Sintered/PBE technology that last more than 15 years
    • Tolerating extreme temperatures from – 50°C to + 70°C
    • Capacity range from 160 Ah to 360 Ah
    • High current discharges up to 8 times the capacity for up to 1 minute at - 20°C for instant diesel engine starting  
    • Discharges up to 5 times the capacity for 3 minutes for peak power backup
    • Assembled in stainless steel crates with lifting handles
  • SRM-F3
    SRM-F3 cell are ideal for OEMs and railway operators, combining the reliability and long life of Saft’s Ni-Cd technology with the field-proven performance of sintered/PBE construction. cell is housed in a transparent flame retardant polysulfone container....

  • Features & Benefits

    • Excellent charge efficiency with both a faster recharge time and a reduction in maintenance
    • Weight and mass reduction of at least 20% for equivalent capacity
    • Cost-effective battery with extensive service life (more than 15 years), simplified maintenance and total reliability
    • Maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum due to the battery’s excellent chargeability at low voltage

    Technical Specifications

    • Capacity range: 80-250 Ah
    • Wide operating temperature range from - 30°C to + 50°C
    • Robust, compact and lightweight construction for long life and reliability
    • Transparent, flame-retardant polysulfone containers
    • Topping-up with water only required at two-year intervals under normal conditions
  • Rail battery systems
    Saft’s full-spectrum service range goes from supplying individual batteries to operating as a global supplier of fully integrated, turnkey battery systems....

  • Saft’s takes overall responsibility for the design, manufacture and supply of the entire battery power system, simplifying battery integration. The system is supplied complete, factory-tested and ready to fit – including rafts, trays, access mechanisms, water filling systems, isolators, fuses, connectors and battery management control (BMC) systems. It is ideal for both new-build and replacement projects.

    Features & Benefits

    • Standard battery systems or custom-made containers to suit customer configuration
    • Reduced weight and volume of the total assembly
    • Improved energy efficiency and more space for passengers
    • Meets all relevant international safety and operation standards

    Technical Specifications

    • 9 standard pre-designed
    • 3 concepts (light, side, across)
    • 3 fixing mechanisms (fix, roll, slide) for mounting either on the vehicle roof or under the floor to meet customer specifications
  • SRX
    Saft’s SRX nickel-cadmium batteries deliver guaranteed power for starting the engine – even in freezing temperatures – for emergency braking, tilting, and for raising pantographs for diesel locomotives, diesel multiple units, and electric rolling stock....

  • Diesel locomotives, DMU (Diesel Multiple Units) and electric rolling stock operate in some of the world’s most punishing conditions from the cold of the Arctic to the heat of the desert.

    Saft’s SRX nickel-cadmium batteries deliver guaranteed power for starting the engine – even in freezing temperatures – for emergency braking, tilting, and for raising pantographs for diesel locomotives, diesel multiple units, and electric rolling stock. Used where high current discharges are required, they can deliver short-duration, high-current discharges of up to 1 minute and up to 20 times capacity for instantaneous diesel engine starts. SRX provides also energy for backup applications.

    Features & Benefits

    • Ensures power is available for engine starting even at extremely low temperatures
    • Flexible single-cell designs keep down overall cost and provide up to 15 years’ service life through solid construction, large electrolyte reserves and advanced plate design

    Technical Specifications

    • Operating temperature rangefrom - 20°C to + 50°C
    • Capacity range from 22 Ah to 220 Ah (plastic) and 73 Ah to 375 Ah (steel)
    • Low-maintenance: 2-year intervals between topping-up with water
  • Ion’Drive® 630 V battery system
    Li-ion technology ensures optimal performance and reliability...

  • Saft’s Ion’Drive® is helping cities reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and noise, and provides more environmentally friendly public transport as well as civic services such as garbage collection.

    Ion’Drive® can be used in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid on-road industrial and commercial vehicles, and has a high discharge capability and long lasting operations. Its flexibility and modularity provides complete, fully integrated battery solutions that can be tailored to customer/application needs.

    Features & Benefits

    • Li-ion technology ensures optimal performance and reliability
    • Modular architecture allows vehicle development and integration
    • Fast-charging means vehicles are road-ready more of the time
    • Improved TCO of vehicles and fleets

    Technical Specifications

    • High energy density, lightweight and longer life capability
    • Robust construction withstanding heavy duty vehicle standards
    • Quick and high recharging
    • Built-in battery monitoring and information (State Of Charge, State Of Health)
    • Battery communicates relevant diagnostic information to the host application

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